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March 2004, Hoboken, NJ – Park Avenue Center for Well Being, New York’s premier holistic healing center, welcomes it’s newest partner in providing the ultimate in holistic care, Living Harmony Feng Shui.  Living Harmony is now available thru the offices of Park Avenue Center for Well Being to provide in office, as well as on-site consultations for both residential and commercial clients who are interested in achieving maximum success in their goals by working to create a supportive and harmonious environment.  “Park Avenue Center for Well Being has worked with Living Harmony to create the best possible environment not only for our clients to find supportive healing, but also for our practitioners to enjoy a successful and harmonious working environment.  Immediately our clients and practioners saw tangible, productive and prosperous results!,” notes PACW owner Roberta Roberts Mittman.

Cathleen Campbell, owner and founder of Living Harmony, is an accomplished Feng Shui and Energy Well Being consultant, author and educator, trained in the tradition of Black Hat Sect Feng Shui with renowned international scholars including acclaimed author Meihwa Lin and internationally respected feng shui architect and interior designer, R.D. Chin.  She has also studied and personally experienced many alternative healing modalities including acupuncture, hypnosis, meditation, craniosacral therapy and homeopathic medicine.  Her knowledge and personal experience of all these fields has given her a deep understanding of the unseen world of energy around us, a world we often take for granted.

“Feng Shui is not the only answer to life challenges or the successful realization of dreams, rather it is one powerful tool that aids in creating ultimate success,” opines Campbell.  “Some of my clients have experienced results that astound even me – immediate, undeniable, and in greater abundance than even planned.  Others find the process isn’t instantaneous though it is still magical:  they develop greater insight to what they actually wanted; identify an issue they hadn’t realized; or something they hadn’t imagined but was better than their original intention actually manifested.  Either way, using Feng Shui creates environments that provide the best possible setting to ultimately manifest the dream or specific intention desired.  And it does so through the power of intention, symbolism that constantly refocuses attention on the desired goal rather than on the feared outcome and a feeling of empowerment gained by taking control of your life.”

Campbell combines decades of experience in the fields of fashion, sewing, craft and interior design with the principles of feng shui, proven success management methods and prosperity principles.  She has studied design at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  Working in the sewing, fashion and interior design fields for over 20 years with hands-on experience she has created beautiful, harmonious room designs.  Her work has been featured internationally in magazines, catalogs and retail stores.  She has appeared on national television including the Today Show, Home Shopping Network and the former Rosie O’Donnell Show, featuring her work in sewing and design. 

Prior to developing the energy and feng shui success coaching practice, Ms. Campbell was an executive in both the nonprofit industry and the home sewing industry.  She is the founder and of Living Harmony, under which she provides clients with consultations and products designed to help them in the successful achievement of their personal and professional goals. 


Cathleen’s unique combination of knowledge and practical suggestions, teaches clients how to structure their physical surroundings to best support their objectives, resulting in exponentially advanced attraction and ultimately the manifestation of their ideal goals.  She helps clients design healthy and harmonious environments for business and home, enhancing their opportunities, harmony, prosperity, health.

Private consultation feng shui clients receive a comprehensive written report outlining the client’s intended goals, suggested meditation/reading, and the impact of their current environment on those goals.  Adjustments and suggested corrections to the environment, as well as exercises and references are provided for the client’s use subsequent to consultations as an ongoing guide to help them achieve ultimate success. 

Cathleen provides private on-site consultations, classes and public speaking services.  A compelling and entertaining speaker, trainer, and seminar leader, her clients include individuals as well as holistic healers, educators, entrepreneurs and more.  She is available as a seminar leader, trainer and keynote speaker on the subjects of feng shui, success management and prosperity. 

Cathleen works with individuals, executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, and creative people around the country in person or by phone, and online.  She teaches in a clear and understandable style, demonstrating visual presentations with many real-life case studies from her work illustrating practical feng shui. Her approach integrates the heart and mind with the environment while maintaining a practical perspective of an individual's space and situation.

For more information about Park Avenue Center for Well Being contact:  Roberta Roberts Mittman, Park Avenue Center for Well Being, 40 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10016.  Phone: 212-686-0939.   For information about Living Harmony, Contact:  Cathleen Campbell, Phone:  646-245-2345  Email: