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Do you have a web site?  Do you write articles or product reviews for placement on other web sites?  If so, you can join Living Harmony Affiliate Program and begin creating your own abundant cash for free by putting up a banner, link, or search box on your site, in your e-zine, article or reviews you place on the internet. 

What could you get from joining the Living Harmony Affiliate Program with the Manifesting Abundant Cash meditation program?


For more than 10 years, Cathleen Campbell, founder of Living Harmony, has been teaching people the HOW of letting go and learning to use their energies to create all the love, wellbeing and prosperity they desire.  By becoming a Living Harmony affiliate and promoting Manifesting Abundant Cash you’ll not only be increasing your own abundant cash, but you’ll be helping others in their pursuit of creating abundant cash.


How Does the Living Harmony Affiliate Program Work?


Just click on the link provided, fill out the online ClickBank form and place the links throughout your web site, ezine or any other online self-published works.  Whenever your visitors click on the links you provide and purchase a copy of Living Harmony’s Magnetic Manifesting Meditation:  Manifesting Abundant Cash, you’ll earn a commission.  It’s that easy! 


If you don't already have your own ClickBank account, click on "create one here" - a new window will open allowing you to create your account - just follow the instructions.

Once your account is created, come back to the affiliate window, enter your Clickbank nickname (don't worry about the tracking ID if you don't have one), and click "create". Clickbank will answer by giving you the link you need to use as an affiliate. It will look something like this:


The link will lead anyone who clicks it to my sales page, with a flag indicating that the source is you. (Make sure that your nickname is something you want to see displayed, because your referral will see the link as:


Or, email me at ccampbell@inlivingharmony.com, and I'll do all the set-up work for you!


You’ll earn a generous 33% commission for every purchase generated from your site paid directly to you by ClickBank, the internet’s most respected online publishing and affiliate sales program.

When you complete your affiliate application, email ccampbell@inlivingharmony.com to receive the link to the Living Harmony Affiliates Resources page which will give you access to sample promotional text and graphic ads, banners and artwork you can use to promote your new affiliate product.

To further assist you in creating your own abundant cash, Living Harmony Affiliates are offered a special session rate for Living Harmony Sessions.  Any blocks or stuck energy you have around the issues of money, business, prosperity or success that could keep you from creating the business you desire can be cleared away, released and reframed so that you can become more vibrationally aligned with your own success and prosperity.  Please email ccampbell@inlivingharmony.com with “Affiliate Sessions” in the subject line for your FREE 20 minute consultation and to learn more about how you can clear and direct your energies to Manifest Abundant Cash and more! 

CONGRATULATIONS on your decision to become a Living Harmony Affiliate.  If you have any questions, comments or need additional support, please email ccampbell@inlivingharmony.com.


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