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Einstein said we simply can't resolve the problems we have with the same level of thinking.  Put another way, we can't put the same ingredients we've always combined to make chocolate chip cookies and expect to create anything but chocolate chip cookies.  We need new ingredients if we are to create a new result.


As we work to balance and clear our energies so that we can create our own new results, our minds and hearts become ripe for new (well, mostly new to us!) ideas, the very new that will help shape our new future.  Whether you've read self-help materials before or you're finding something new, working with energy management tools will help you both absorb the information more fully as well as help you clear the blocks that arise in your efforts to apply the new material for your desired outcome.  It doesn't matter what subject you are working with, resistence will simply fade and abundance will begin to flow.


As with all entrainment experiences, the more you read and experience vibrationally high materials, the more your own vibrational frequency will rise and begin to take hold at new levels.  We really can train our frequencies with simple tools such as reading an enlightening book as well as with energy modalities such as Emotional Freedom Techique or Aromatherapy.  When combined, these technologies have exponentially greater effectiveness.  Knowledge combined with clearing our blocks gives our vibrational frequency jet-propulsion to higher and higher levels, making us simply magnetically attractive to our abundant prosperity.  Though you've been blocked and confused, or less effective than desired, you truly can learn to Tap Into the PowerTM and create in Living Harmony.


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