Joseph DelGiodice, L.AC., CH, ND;
Board-Certified Acupuncturist, Chinese and Western Herbalist, and Naturopath

“Over the past two decades Cathleen and I have embarked upon many sessions of brainstorming, problem-solving, troubleshooting, universe exploring, soul searching, recipe trading, ski adventure comparing, and far beyond.

Her deep and expansive knowledge on all areas from Energy Healing, to principles of Classical Chinese Medicine and Philosophy, to Quantum Physics, to historical Celtic lore, to Nutrition and Fitness, to Feng Shui, to all elements of Spirituality, and especially her remarkable empathy and compassion is truly inspiring. Her powerful skill set, her unbridled enthusiasm, her very presence has helped me to be a better healthcare provider, teacher, athlete, and, I think most importantly, human being. I wholeheartedly recommend to everyone to have a session, actually many sessions with Cathleen.”

Anisa Aven
Author, Manifesting Visionary and CSO, WorkMatesHub

Without hesitation, I can say that Cathleen is one of the most gifted healing energy practitioners I’ve ever known. She uses her intuition as skillfully as a master baker wields a pastry knife – slicing directly to the core issue (that is most critical for rapid transformation), while making the transition as grace-filled as you could ever imagine! Cathleen is also delightfully fun and entertaining. This, of course, makes tough personal development issues and obstacles more enjoyable and simply easier to conquer!”

Anjali Bhimani
Award-Winning Actress of Stage, Screen and Film; Voice of Overwatch’s “Symetra”, Best-Selling Author of “I Am Fun Size and So Are YOU!”, Podcast Creator

“Cat’s one of my favorite people and wisest humans in the world. Seriously. Mentor, beauty, and absolutely amazing human. And let’s just say she knows what’s she’s talking about. For years and years I found myself searching for someone or some place I could get practical tools to create the life that I wanted. Everything seemed so esoteric or unreachable, until Cat walked into my life. The way she helped me to navigate the waters of life not only made me a happier person, but enabled me to be a better actress. When you’re not afraid of your feelings because you know how to work through them, you can experience life so much more fully. I wouldn’t be here – in my career, in my marriage, in my life – without her. Also, she makes KILLER Pumpkin Bread!”

JennaLee Galliccio
Best-Selling Author & Certified Separation Anxiety Dog Trainer

“I have been working with Cathleen for years now. Not only is she excellent at what she does but she is extremely intuitive and gets to the heart of the matter quickly. Since working with her I have published two best-selling books on Amazon, doubled my business and continue to expand to a new audience with various new products. I highly recommend her. I cannot express just how extremely thankful for her overwhelming support, her extreme integrity and the steps that she has helped me to take in my business and my life.”

Joy Principe
Accountant, Success & Wellbeing Coach

I’m finally getting results!!!  For years and years (and years!)  I have been in an endless loop of trying to get results and working very diligently… reading, going to workshops and learning how to really change my life.  I knew all the philosophies and concepts and I really thought I was implementing them.  Year after year I still found myself in a similar place financially and with my body image and career. One day I heard Cathleen give a workshop and something clicked!  I had a very clear knowing that THIS was a great choice!  She had really given me the TRUTH and the clear path to getting what I want.  I’m finally on my way and I’m getting results.  We started with my body image and desire to look like my best, most beautiful self.  The tools and energetic alignments are allowing me to FINALLY feel on the right path.  I also know that as we heal and create in one area, I’m also creating in all areas so I’ve finally relaxed into the new habits and tools knowing that I’m changing and creating all those dreams that I tucked away because it was too painful to keep wishing for them.  I’m no longer wishing… I’m creating in a way that is working.  Thank you for your patience with me and your strong belief that I CAN have what I want. I love the fun ways that we work together – the stories and metaphors are entertaining while also creating change at a core level.  I have concrete tools and ways to go about my day that are creating subtle and significant feelings of success.  I’ve created some really fun manifestations but more importantly I’m learning to stand in my power.  We are in the process of creating an amazing 2022 for me!!”

Robert Papa
Wealth Manager, SCIA

“I started working with Cathleen five years ago because I wanted to develop my financial planning business. At the time, I was in the industry for 20 years and had made what I thought was my last stop at a new Registered Investment Advisor, but to my frustration, my business was not growing at a pace with which I was happy. During the early stages of working with Cathleen, we worked on clearing blocks that were holding me back from my success making the decision to move to another firm easy and comfortable for me. Then using the conscious manifesting tools she teaches, we worked to manifest an excellent firm with a tremendous group of colleagues. I connected with my ideal firm three and half years ago and since then have seen my business grow exponentially. I now regularly manifest in the $100M and increasing range annually. That is more in a year then many advisors develop in an entire career. My development doesn’t just stop with my career; however, as life goes, I’ve had several challenges and opportunities in my family and personal life too. From the inevitable grief that we all must go thru to manifesting our dream home, Cathleen is always there to guide me through all that life sends my way. I’ve referred family to Cathleen and would recommend that you start working with her right away. Your life will grow in ways you can barely imagine!”

Lindsay Wagner
Emmy-Award Winning Actress for her Iconic and groundbreaking “Bionic Woman” role; Star of Screen and Film, Best-Selling Author of  “The High Road to Health” & “New Beauty: The Acupressure Facelift”; Human Potential Advocate

“EFT is a magnificent technique and Cathleen is a very skilled and experienced practitioner with a gentle and caring manner.”

Susheela Kundargi
Best-Selling Author “The Tarot Toolbox”, Self-Help Educator, Artist and Designer

“Cathleen is a  very keen and professional and knows exactly what she wanted. She knows what her clients want/need and keeps their best interest in mind at all times. A fast learner, multi-disciplined, and very aware of what’s going on in the world at large which helps her business as well as her ability to relate to many types of clientele. She has integrity, provides excellent support, and has a very direct approach with a big heart.”

Melissa Swan
Sales & Client Service Executive

“There were several things going on in my life and career at the same time that were challenging, difficult and not going the way I wanted when I had my consultation with Cat. Immediately she was able to identify exactly what I needed to do with energy tools to turn my situations around or to create what I wanted. Having no experience with energy work I thought I’d give it a try but I wasn’t at all confident that things could change, let alone so fast! She taught me how to integrate a few energy tools to work together and she was right, combined they are supercharged! A few tools she taught me helped me shift my thought processes. But one of the Feng Shui methods she suggested was truly magical! Within a few short weeks not only did my issues at work start to resolve, but I found the most amazing new job and was easily able to negotiate the salary that I’m really happy with, and I could feel the energy of the people and the company was super positive. All the other issues that we talked about have resolved or have changed in very positive ways too. Cat really did help me to tap into my own success and fast!”

Melisa Tropeano
CEO, MTL Communications Group

“Cathleen’s services are an essential part of my business. My company profit quadrupled in just the 2 years that I began working on my business with Cathleen. I began working with her on a personal level & then began sessions on MTL Communications. Knowing that every part of your life will impact your business, working with someone who can work with you on all aspects makes perfect sense for me–and the results speak for themselves. Thank you Cathleen and I look forward to the many years to come working with you. If you are looking to make your life better I highly recommend you start working with Cathleen & In Living Harmony.”

Jason Byrnes
President, Interim Healthcare of Syracuse

“Cathleen is the Queen of positive thinking! Her skill at showing you what you can become and eliminating self-imposed limitations is unmatched in my knowledge. Too many of us place limits on what we are able to achieve, Cathleen opens your eyes to these limits and reveals the unlimited possibility of success. Additionally, Cathleen has great practical skills. It is my pleasure to recommend Cathleen to you in your quest to get to the next level.”

Ailish Keating
Clinical Hypnotist, Rapid Transformation Technique TM Practitioner

“Cathleen is a person of true integrity. Extremely insightful, resourceful, and a lot of fun to work with. We were able to uncover and work through many key issues. Not only that – it’s always worth looking at how successful the life of the practitioner is that you are working with as in how are the tools they are working with working for them. I think Cathleen has some major stuff figured out and in action! It is great to see it and even better to experience it.”

Paula Langguth Ryan
Communications Consultant, Conflict Dissolver, Author & Speaker

“I have recommended Cathleen and her work to a variety of my clients for more than a decade. Every one of them has shared with me how pleased they were with her professionalism, her creativity and her dedication. She was also instrumental in helping me market new ventures in my field. I recommend her without reservation. Her ability to transform any challenge into an amazing opportunity is unparalleled.”

Lisa Porter
Integrative Energy Coach

It has been my fortunate experience to meet and work with Cathleen Campbell as a holistic healer. Cathleen and I met at an EFT Energy Healing workshop and I have had the pleasure and honor of having her as one of my friends. I have been blessed with working with Cathleen on some issues and found her keen intuitive sense and generous heart to be a true asset to her practice. Cathleen gives generously of herself and guides the client to clarity and self-empowerment. Cathleen’s kindness, sensitivity, and articulate use of language create a truly enlightening and uplifting healing experience. My experiences with her have been wonderful and rewarding experiences which are graced with her love and sincerity. It is a tremendous pleasure to know her and I look forward to a long and deep friendship and working partnership with her.”

Andrea F.
Executive Manager

“I came to know Cathleen and her Living Harmony program through the Psychic Junkie forum. At that time, I was calling multiple psychics, regulars and random ones, a few times a week and sometimes every day. I was so scared I would feel horrible, but Cathleen was so accepting and patient, and immediately taught me how to use EFT and the rest of her program tools that work together to help me with the pain of an unhappy relationship and my equally unhappy finances. As I worked with Cathleen, I was able to not just release my pain but even more exciting I began to create the life I wanted with my own business. My self-esteem is growing as is my bank account and my business. Over time, I even began to stop calling psychics compulsively, and I’m happy to report that on the occasion that I do have a pang of desire, I now have the tools to release both that desire and whatever pain I’m feeling at the moment. Working with Cathleen and the Living Harmony program, in which we use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and a whole bunch of great tools, has changed my life. It’s the unique combination of Cathleen’s expertise, experience and the whole toolkit she teaches that made my progress possible.”

David P.
IT Professional

When I get off the phone after a session with Cathleen, I feel calm and peaceful like no other peace I’ve known. It’s not just that she’s got a great way of teaching you how to make sense out of your life, or that she has given me skills I can use on my own to better process and deal with my emotions, stresses and sometimes overwhelming thoughts. Cathleen actually has an energy of love and acceptance around her that envelops you like loving arms, and makes you feel protected, safe and just okay. For most of my adult life I’ve been on different prescriptions, sometimes they helped but then I’d start feeling bad again. I saw a few therapists but no matter what I just felt bad about myself. I wish I could speak with her every day to get that energy infusion, but even just one session a week has helped me leave behind medications (with my doctor’s supervision) and habits that weren’t helping so I could take real control of my life. I was able to land a great job that I’m actually excited to go to every day. And recently I started dating a really nice girl. My sessions with Cathleen are the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.”

Doug and Theresa G.
Happy Parents

My husband and I so looked forward to having our family.  We were devastated when we couldn’t handle the pressure.  We’re both successful in our careers so we were horrified that we couldn’t even get our baby to eat or sleep right?  In just one session with Cathleen we released these feelings both for ourselves and together. We learned how to stop fighting and start parenting with amazing tools we’ll continue to use through every stage of our relationship and our child’s development. We didn’t even know what energy work was when we were referred to Cathleen, and frankly my husband thought it was going to be a stupid waste of time. We were blown away. He taps all the time and so do I. Now my husband and I feel so great we even have date night again!”

Bonnie T.
Freelance Professional

I’ve worked with Cathleen for a few years, and using her tools and processes has hugely impacted my career and finances. I used to struggle to get my next assignment. In between jobs could be long stretches without any income. I worried about money constantly, and when I did get paid it seemed to fly out the door before I could even count it. My bills piled up and by the time I met Cathleen at a local business networking event I was desperate. I was also completely embarrassed because with my degrees and professional background I should have been able to get enough clients to at least pay the bills. Cathleen was holding court with several people asking her questions about her work, so I leaned in to listen and learned that maybe I wasn’t a complete failure after all, maybe I was just blocked. It took a lot of courage driven by fear to have my first session with her but right from the start I felt comfortable and secure. With her support and the energy tools I learned from her my professional and financial goals weren’t the only things I sorted. I also successfully navigated a potentially devastating personal crisis and the outcome was better than I could have ever prayed for. Have an ongoing problem or a failure to create success (no matter how hard you work)? I advise you to contact Cathleen immediately!”

Sue M.

I hadn’t felt attractive since the birth of my first child.  Three kids later I was really resentful and angry, I missed feeling good, liking myself and wanting to actually be romantic with my husband.  As a successful business owner, I’m not used to not being able to figure out a problem. But no matter what I tried I just couldn’t figure it out. I thought my feelings would be fixed if I lost weight, which I did a few times, but the weight would always come back. Turns out it was all connected but I didn’t have to wait to starve myself into supermodel shape to feel sexy again. Cathleen helped me actually release these feelings in just a few sessions and now it feels like we’re living a honeymoon every day!”

Peter L.
Manufacturing Executive

What a stroke of brilliance it was for our company to work with Cathleen and her Living Harmony formulas. Right from the start, she was able to cut through the tension of a difficult time in our company’s history. Within a few short sessions we were all feeling more balanced, optimistic and positive…but most importantly we were making much needed progress and profits. We had individual sessions for our management, and some group sessions too. It was astounding how we simply dissolved negative and destructive thoughts and feelings – about our work, the market, our clients, our products and our fellow staff – and in their place easily established feelings of expansive abundance and gratitude. Amazingly, as we worked on just our energy almost immediately we landed the biggest contract ever, and business has steadily grown from there. Truthfully just the energy work would have been enough to increase our sales exponentially, but we didn’t stop there.

As we gained sure footing in our energy, we then turned to the technical aspects of our business and began building what is simply the most comprehensive and powerful marketing and business management program we’ve ever had. With each step of the process, we worked on both the technical and the energetic aspects, and the results far exceeded anything we’d ever seen. Once in place, the Business and Marketing program we created with Cathleen is something we’ll use ongoing and build upon as our business expands, it’s an investment on which we’ll continue to realize returns many times over. And we won’t ever let ourselves get stuck again: we know now that the minute we get overwhelmed, frustrated or see a pattern developing we don’t like all we have to do is work with Cathleen to tap into our energy and clear our way to success! Thank you, Cathleen! We’re so grateful for having found you.”

Joe S.
Association Executive

But I’m not in Sales, I said. I’ve known Cathleen for many years, first as an association executive and now in her own business. One day she asked me how I felt about my sales ability, and I told her that I don’t sell for a living, I work for a trade association. She asked me, “so who do you think sells your members on YOUR services?” That got me thinking and I realized that actually, while I don’t sell memberships, I DO sell my board and committees and members on various program ideas as well as how to manage the association. Cathleen was right! Everything we do is related to sales. And I felt terrible about it. I was always dreading my meetings, especially the longer it took to review and decide about things. They never seemed to like the ideas right from the start, and my enthusiasm was always an internal struggle. We had just a few sessions when I saw the feelings I had about the process of sales just shift, as she says, and suddenly I was feeling terrific. It doesn’t feel like I’m fighting against them anymore, and the results are showing. My board seems calmer and the committees are slowly getting more effective. I didn’t discuss this with anyone. I didn’t want to have them know or feel that I was working on myself. Instead they just think we’re all doing a great job! It’s amazing how Cathleen was able to teach me some of these simple tools and show me how to combine them with the practices of our business so that my work is actually less difficult but more productive. For anyone in association work, especially as finances get tighter and our members think they don’t need us as much with all the access on the internet, I highly recommend working with Cathleen and learning about Living Harmony.”

Kim M.
Non-Profit Executive

If they only knew…My life looked amazing on the outside. I was “livin’ the dream” but inside I was miserable. Having earned and created most of the things I wanted in my life, everything from a truly amazing job with an especially healthy salary to marriage with a good man and three wonderful children, I SHOULD have been really happy. But I wasn’t. I was miserable. Every day was a whirlwind of scheduled events, everything from when I ate to how much time I had to spend with my kids. My time was in demand, and I had to give it because they were paying me the big bucks. My husband and I were reasonably happy, but I’d told no one that there was absolutely no spark left. Was this what life was really all about? I met Cathleen at a business function and she seemed so bright and happy. She smelled great too, and we all commented on how she attracted the people in the room to her like flies to honey. At first I thought it was her personality, but then I noticed that while she was vibrant, there was a certain something extra. As I watched, I saw that indeed people were attracted to her. She stood where she was and received us as we all migrated to her at one time or another. My first sessions were nothing short of miraculous. I’d done tons of other things to calm myself down, get perspective and try to find meaning in life. But these sessions were different. Cathleen taught me techniques I use every day. And in an hour a week my fears, resentments, confusions and lethargy began to simply melt away. Before I knew it, one day I found myself humming! I was genuinely happy for the first time in I can’t remember when. For the first time in perhaps ever, I was truly grateful and I felt it, really, really felt it. As I continue to work with Cathleen, I finally dropped those 15 pounds that had crept in, found the joy for my work again which has helped me produce some of the best projects and results to date, released the tension and need of “having it all,” and best of all found that the spark really is still there! My children are happier, my husband is thrilled and I’m finally really living the dream…only this time, outside and inside! I HIGHLY recommend working with Cathleen on any issue, it’s simply the most cost-effective way I’ve found to break through to real success on long-standing challenges. She’s incredibly knowledgeable, supportive and welcoming.”

Deborah O.
IT Executive

Mom had been looking for a canine companion for quite a while before we found Max. He’s an adorable poodle mix, and she fell in love with him right away. He was really cute at first, but quickly became very tiresome. He nipped and jumped constantly, and when we even looked at the front door, he’d get so distressed he’d whine and race around sure we were leaving him for good. Max had already had one home and unless he changed dramatically he was going to have to find yet another. Mom was so worried, she didn’t want to lose her sweet new baby. But I couldn’t take the chance. Mom was aging and becoming unstable. They didn’t live with me so I had to make sure this dog wouldn’t trip or otherwise hurt my Mom. I’d worked with Cathleen on a few different issues, and remembered her saying she loves working with pets and their owners. Cathleen came over for a home visit, and to say we were impressed and happy is an understatement. As we sat there, my Mother describing how rambunctious and overly energetic Max was, Cathleen asked if she could begin working directly on him. We had no idea what that meant. Gently, she began lightly tapping on his head and down his back. We sat there astonished as within just a few minutes, Max was sitting at her feet, panting hard as he began to relax, but not even straining to get away! She used her animal communication abilities to “speak” with him and asked us if Max was the name he came to us with, which was odd because we didn’t say that Mom had decided to change his name. She explained that the reason why he was so confused and difficult was because nobody was calling him by his real name! She then asked the now perfectly quiet dog if we could call him Max on the one condition that we were his forever family. You could see his face change! He was overjoyed! From that moment on he was the most obedient and sweet dog. I would and do recommend Cathleen’s Living Harmony methods for all sorts of challenges especially pet problems, relationship, work issues and weight loss. It’s amazing how easily problems and patterns really can just dissolve and shift away.”

Katherine W.
Marketing Executive

I’d had Cathleen Feng Shui my first NY area apartment and my original intention was to find a relationship and get married. I was surprised to find that though eventually I do want to marry, my real goal right now is to explore, build and enjoy my exciting career. Previously I thought that perhaps these goals were mutually exclusive and I had experienced a great deal of angst over not having the perfect relationship. Through working with Cathleen in ongoing sessions, I learned that actually in order to have that perfect relationship, I needed to understand, trust and believe in myself first. That sounds like a tall order but with each round of EFT or application of an essential oil, I’m finding myself feeling better and stronger, happy with myself. I don’t seem to feel the need to get people’s approval anymore. The funny thing is now I get compliments all the time! After my initial consultation, things just seemed to fall into place and I began to find a new sense of peace. Since then I’ve experienced several career advancements, moved into a dream apartment in NY and finally I’m experiencing healing and better health. I’m now more confident not only in myself but also in my goals. Cathleen has now Feng Shui’d two apartments and the results were astounding because it’s not just about moving stuff around. Her process is thoughtful and integrates all the tools she teaches. She provided me with notes and I made the changes as I felt ready to, oh and most of them didn’t cost me a thing. My love started heating up, but this time I’m attracted a respectful, successful and emotionally mature person into my life. We are enjoying getting to know each other and I’m experiencing the fun of dating without the pressure to convince him to take me out again. It’s such a relief! I recommend anyone looking to find real love start working with Cathleen right away. Life is too short to stay home alone wondering if you’ll ever be happy.”

Rick F.
Landscape Architect

“A colleague referred me to Cat Stone because she Feng Shui and EFT, two tools I had wanted to learn and use for years. I was debating having an in-person Feng Shui Master come to my home and business, but then I read that Cat offered Feng Shui long distance with a phone consult and a report. I felt getting both these tools in one person might be a better deal, and boy was I right. Cat showed me how Feng Shui is amazing but often isn’t enough to create the kind of changes I wanted. She taught me that even if I did move everything around I might still have stuck energy inside me that would make it impossible for me to get what I wanted. What did I want? Well, I wanted my work to be successful, I wanted a husband and I wanted to paint really well. With the changes and insights Cat suggested in her Feng Shui report, I was easily able to understand exactly what we were doing to the energy of my home. But I didn’t have to just sit back and wait to see if it would work. We kept working on the internal blocks I had like negative ideas and painful feelings from my past relationships. It took a few months before I saw some major changes, but for the first time in a long time I felt happy during those months. My home felt lighter and so did I. I’m so glad that I worked with Cat and learned her very special ways of putting some amazing techniques together. She’s very caring and knows her stuff!”

Lisa F.
Sales Executive

“My work is sales, and since I work on commission-only I’ll try anything I can do to increase business at least once. I first had Cathleen come to my office, a cubicle, to do her Living Harmony Feng Shui analysis in the late fall with the intention of not only increasing my sales but also getting some badly office help to help me process all the work. My business is now booming and I am constantly gaining new sales and my boss is always receiving compliments about my work and service to our clients. Oh, and shortly after my consultation with Cathleen I had an unprecedented event: I was given my own support person full-time to help me process all my work! This is unheard of as we are right in the middle of our fiscal year! What I like best about working with Cathleen is that she focuses on building small successes which eventually result in amazing overall achievements. The work is easily doable on my hectic schedule and the Feng Shui adjustments made sense, were practical and also easy to implement myself.”

Angela P.
Reiki Master

“Our wellness business had been doing fairly well but there seemed to be certain level which we couldn’t get past. Clients came for only a few sessions and then would move on or cancel last minute, new clients were not easy to find and the other practitioners in the practice came and went without firm commitment. As healers the practitioners in my practice found it difficult to focus on selling. As the owner of the practice, I was overwhelmed with the responsibility of making the practice successful for everyone. We should have had a booming business, but we all felt the fear and desperation of our struggling practice and low profits. On a referral I had Cat Stone do an in-office Living Harmony consultation and with just a few simple changes I was amazed at the immediate result: the next day 5 NEW clients called to make repeat appointments! Experiencing that inspired me to have Cathleen review the entire office complex, and once again a few simple changes seemed to move all the pieces into place. She gave us easy to understand tools and exercises that are helping us all understand our goals and how to achieve them. My fellow practitioners began taking a more committed interest and they noticed their own businesses increasing. Clients commented on how peaceful and supportive the environment had become. We then began to work with Living Harmony as a group with the Success Coaching, into which Cathleen also incorporated Feng Shui principles. We went from being afraid of and distainful of sales to understanding how to help our clients commit themselves to their own work.  Our office is now a vibrant, growing, prosperous office and our clients are achieving great results as well.”

Janice N.
Happy Bride

“Everyone was so excited about our wedding. I loved my fiancé and I really wanted to be married, but I’m terrified of public speaking and the idea of getting up in front of every single person we know was freaking me out! The more people talked about how much fun it was going to be the more I felt sick. I have a hard time speaking in meetings, I just knew I was going to faint or get sick or worse. My maid of honor who is my oldest friend saw something was wrong and made me tell her. She told me about this “energy healer” she’d read about and suggested I have a session. I was too upset to tell her I didn’t know what the heck an energy healer was. The next week I had a phone session with her and I started crying right away. I’d been holding it in for weeks and it just came pouring out of me. I could hear her voice and it sounded soothing but there was something more. Within about 15 minutes I was calming down and feeling actual relief! I didn’t know how this was happening. I wasn’t doing anything on my end yet, I’d been too upset. When I could finally pay attention she taught me how to tap and led me through several passes of EFT. The relief I felt was so overwhelming I was feeling lightheaded! By the end of the hour I was beginning to get excited for the first time in months! We had a few more sessions and each one made me feel better and better. I didn’t tell anyone except my friend. Our wedding was beautiful and I had a great time! It’s amazing, but I actually enjoyed being up there! The crazy thing is that everyone said I looked so blissful which is the name Cat was giving her bridal program! I’m so glad I listened to my friend and worked with Cat before our wedding. My husband and I have great memories and are enjoying starting our happy life together. Oh, and my boss noticed that I’m more confident at work too.”

Some names and professions along with photographs have been withheld at my clients’ request. But they graciously wrote about their experience which they hope will help you in your efforts to create the life and business and relationships you love…in Living Harmony. My deepest gratitude to all my clients and colleagues for the profound honor of supporting and teaching them as they create amazing abundances in every area of their lives.