Guided Meditation is one of my favorite tools to help us not only manifest all that we desire but often more importantly peace of mind and heart. At first I found it impossible to input positive thoughts let alone quiet my painful heart and mind. Then I learned that when we listen to a master’s voice or a piece of music that we allow to transport us, we quiet the conscious mind and open ourselves to peace and possibility. Often led by the various stuck energies and parts of ourselves that feel unsafe or broken, our conscious mind simply isn’t powerful enough to raise our vibrational frequency. Many attempt force of will only to be defeated by the ever-increasing power of resistance. When in a safe space we allow ourselves to simply follow, we begin to relax while actively engaging in the energy of allowing, receiving, accepting all in comfort. We may find we need a variety of recordings to keep ourselves engaged or that we return to our favorites again and again. Eventually, even those who find it impossible to meditate in silence will simply develop mastery over their minds and hearts…in Living Harmony.

The recordings featured here are some of my favorite I have used to help me create my dream life! I’ve met many of the artists and recommend all their works. This page may contain affiliate links and I may earn a small commission at no cost to you when you click the links. Thank you. My full disclaimer is here.

Abundance Transformation Meditation by Kathy Freston

Kathy Freston guides the listener through a series of images designed to releasing blocks and opening fully to all the abundances one can manifest.

Getting Into the Vortex by Esther Hicks

Four powerfully guided daily meditations from Esther Hicks – General Well-Being, Financial Well-Being, Physical Well-Being, and Relationships – ease you into the Vortex of Creation.

Embrace by Deva Premal

Expressing the wisdom of mantra through a atmospheric musical vision, Deva Premal’s voice can be an easy conduit carrying us off to Divine space in which we find harmony.

Meditations to Relieve Stress by Belleruth Naperstak

Guided imagery pioneer Belleruth Naperstak’s smooth, serene voice is immediately soothing. Her meditations are a staple in my library with subjects from specific dis-ease to general wellbeing.

How to Rule the World From Your Couch by Laura Day

Intuitive authority, Laura Day, teaches Mediumship, Remote Viewing and more to help you learn to create the world you want from the comfort of your couch.

101 Power Thoughts by Louise Hay

Louise Hay delivers a tremendous script of new, empowering, prosperous thoughts we can focus on and embody to help us create the life we desire.

Lifescapes Celtic Romance

Connecting with music reflecting our heritage can be an amazingly soothing way to drift over to a meditative state from which we can create whatever we desire.

Shepard Moons by Enya

This album featuring Enya’s ethereal voice and music was and still is my all-time favorite way to drift forward to the places and things I desire to manifest.

As with all material we encounter on our path to learning how to create whatever it is we desire listening to guided meditations, spoken affirmations or even music can bring up all sorts of valuable information in the form of feelings, thoughts, sensations and beliefs. Rather than dismiss whatever comes up or worse, abandoning the practice of meditation or conscious manifesting, it’s essential we learn what to do with this information. Clearing and release techniques can help us let go of blocks and pain that no longer serve. But we also need to learn how to identify intuitive insights and guidance so our steps forward lead us into the unavoidable tangible realization of our dreams.

Silva Ultra Miind ESP System by Jose Silva

Developed by ESP expert Jose Silva, this mind training program will help you develop your connection to your intuition and your innate power to create.

Unleash the Power Within by Tony Robbins

One of the most exciting live personal growth events I’ve ever participated in, Tony Robbins delivers powerful truths and inspiration helping you connect with your own driving force!

Through the Open Door by Eckart Tole

Modern spiritual leader, Eckart Tole, guides the listener to discover true liberation beyond the limits of the thinking mind and the little self into the vast abundance of pure essence.

Visualization for Weight Loss by Jon Gabriel

Jon Gabriel provides listeners with visualizations to support weight loss and also teaches how to create personalized visualizations for even greater results.

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