The Richway BioMAT®

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When I purchased my first BioMAT I knew I was going to get some relief. I had no idea how much this groundbreaking healing device would change my life.

At that time my brother and father had passed fairly close together. My mother was in a nursing home and it was becoming clear that we were enjoying her last days here with us on earth. After years of stress and profound grief, my immune system was overwhelmed and I’d put on a tremendous amount of weight. Not only was I unhappy, I was miserable.

Uncomfortable and upset, I was not able to sleep through the night due to the stress and physical discomfort. My mother and I were the best of friends often speaking several times a day. The anticipatory grief of watching her slip away was horrendous.

The first night with my new BioMAT was simply astounding. Settling into what I expected to be a comfortable evening of watching our favorite programs I placed the mat beneath me on the couch. Instead, with the heat turned to snuggly (the lowest setting) I drifted off peacefully before the credits had finished.

I slept deeply for the next two hours and awoke feeling a sense of security I’d not felt in recent years. This is the first benefit I’ve noticed using my BioMAT daily: the sense of peace that envelops is profound.

From that first experience I enjoyed a full night’s sleep the entire last year of my mother’s life and beyond. Because I was able to sleep, I was also able to be present and clear-headed throughout the important days of my mother’s last year. We had tremendous conversations and a lot of fun! Mom commented one day that she was grateful to hear in my voice how calm and secure I was. She remembered losing her own mother and how grief overwhelmed her. My being calm, rested and relaxed was a gift of peace I was also giving to her.

Having experienced such profound healing with my BioMAT, I ordered another one to sleep on. Within a few years I would come to own seven of them! Now my husband and I sleep on one, we both sit on one during work each day, I have one for the couch and I’ve even got the BioBELT which is a smaller unit that can easily wrap around the waist or a leg.

I continued to sleep well and began to feel stronger and more healthy. Soon, the weight I’d packed on due to grief was melting off. Without harsh diets or extreme workouts over 70 lbs. just melted away as each night and day my body was supported with soothing Far Infared and Negative Ions channeled via superconductive Amethyst crystals. So the second benefit I experienced was a sort of resetting of my physical body and the processing of unwanted weight brought on by grief.

The first time I brought my BioMAT Mini (chair sized) with me on a ski trip I felt the restorative relief that is the hallmark of Richway’s groundbreaking technology. As a new skier, I often spend half my ski trips achy, sore and stiff. I’m using muscles I’ve not used before and coupled with extreme cold and the stress of the fear of falling as you learn new techniques, the body takes a beating. From day one on this trip, however, I simply snuggled into my trusty healing BioMAT and melted away any stress or strain. I skied every single day comfortably and enjoyably. This was the third benefit I personally experienced and continue to experience, aches, stiffness and pain simply melt away!

The last life-altering experience of daily BioMAT use has been the extremely enjoyable and tranquil opening and expanding of my intuitive senses. Grounding and calming, the mat helps us relax into a deeply meditative state which in turn allows us to connect to all our senses and beyond. In the past, I would spend a good portion of my morning getting my senses settled and tuning in with conscious effort before working with my energy clients. After a few weeks of daily BioMAT use I noticed this process flowing easier and becoming more of something I am rather than something I do. Now I still spend time preparing every day for the best possible support of my clients, but I’m able to connect with information and guidance more easily. And too my energy work flows so peacefully with my clients. Best of all, instead of being drained or exhausted at the end of my workday, I’m even more energized. Why? Because I’m grounded and living in a state of release throughout the day.

Since beginning my personal experience with Richway BioMAT I’ve taken trips lasting from a day away to nearly a month. I’ve found the benefits stick with me. I’m not tethered to the mat, it’s just easy to incorporate ongoing wellness support on all levels by sitting and laying on this very special piece of equipment. So whether you use it daily or periodically, the benefits are truly astounding.