I’ll teach you how.

As you reach forward to create what you want, I’m excited for you and honored you have chosen to work with me. To the question, “What if you could learn HOW to release the pain, frustrations, disappointments or issues and intentionally create an amazing life?”, you’ve answered, “Yes, please!” And I’m telling you, YOU CAN!

No matter the problem, the goal or dream –

The real secret to enjoying the life you desire is to release the stuck energy that binds and blocks
so you can consciously apply your natural manifesting abilities to engage comfortably, quickly and effectively!

Whatever you want to create or change, even if nothing’s worked before, you can Tap Into the Power™…Your OWN power and the power of the Universe to send waves of healing release and create the life you want, now!

If like me you’ve been disappointed time after time as all the self-help or manifesting books tell you to “just let go…” but found they left the “how-to” part out!

Prepare to finally “get it”

If like many of my clients you’ve tried “everything else” and nothing has worked…

Get ready to learn HOW to make it happen!

For whatever pain or challenges you have experienced, I’m sorry. But as I tell my all my clients: be prepared for YOUR OWN MIRACLES, we make them happen every day! Of course they aren’t miracles when you are using your energies consciously to create the life you love in…Living Harmony.

Combining ancient wisdom, powerful cutting-edge energy modalities and intuitive guidance, I’ll teach you how to bring all of it together to create for yourself. Working together at a pace and in ways that are comfortable to you, we’ll excavate and release gently, safely and powerfully. Everyone comes to this work with their own unique perspectives and experiences, all of which is highly respected. Whether you are a highly trained energy expert or a complete novice, you’ll learn just how incredibly powerful you are.

To get started, choose your session package:

Private sessions are the cornerstone of realizing personal growth, professional achievement and the realization of our heart’s desires. Why? Because often we are wary of what we don’t know yet it is in this hidden unknown that we find our greatest relief and our most important answers. Combining ongoing energy clearing with determined mind and heartset training we learn to manifest consciously, for real. Working with focused intention and at a pace that is both productive and comfortable, together we’ll unearth the real underlying stuck energy that prevents success while working to shift all the energies we have both seen and unseen to create success for real.

Individual Sessions

$495 4 Session Package
  • Learn EFT Tapping and Other Self-Applied Energy Management Tools
  • Release the Stuck Energy of Blocks and Pain
  • Shift Unproductive Behaviors
  • Align Vibrationally with Intentions
  • Manifest Desires with Conscious Confidence
  • Weekly Email Support to Review Questions and Self-Work

Couples, Partners and Family

$594 4 Session Package
  • Learn EFT Tapping and Other Self-Applied Energy Management Tools
  • Release the Stuck Energy of Blocks and Pain Individually and Together
  • Shift Destructive Interactive Patterns
  • Align Vibrationally with Individual and Group Intentions
  • Unite Focused Energies to Manifest Together
  • Weekly Email Support to Review Questions and Self-Work

What if instead of being painful reminders that something is drastically wrong our feelings are actually the pathway to healing? They are. But if our own personal feelings are often confusing, feelings that vibrate between loving partners, spouses, parent and child, siblings or entire families can be overwhelming and seemingly unresolvable. While we can’t use our energy to force another into doing and being as we wish, in releasing our own stuck energy we do open a pathway to peace for all. And the most amazing thing is that where two or more work together to release and focus their energies the results are exponentially greater, more healing and amazing. Instead of fighting against our communal problems we can work together to release and open to a new way of connecting and create a new reality of love, respect, peace and joy. Guided by intuitive direction and supported by proven tools, together we’ll release both the stuck energy of the individual and the communal while focusing on the shift to whole contentment.

One is a very important number. It can be the first or the last, each an essential part of the puzzle, an integral component of the structure. Whether you need some clarification, refinement, a few questions answered to help you tie all that you know together and make your energy work exponentially more effective or you would like to try energy work for the first time, a single session can be incredibly helpful and exquisitely satisfying. Sessions are one hour in length and include one follow-up email.

Single Session

$150 One Session
  • One Session – Subject as per Client’s Request
  • Includes One Follow-Up Email
  • Energy work including EFT Tapping and remote work performed throughout
  • Focus on Realizing Alignment with Desired Intention

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Instead of the costly sources of overwhelm weddings can be, you can consciously create your stress-less dream wedding and a lifetime of loving joy for you and your beloved.
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When we’ve lost a loved-one, beloved pet or a cherished dream, loss can create an ongoing cycle of painful stuck energy. Gentle yet powerful energy tools help us release pains, past and present.
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Connect and bond with pets on the deepest level possible to create a loving, happy and healthy home for all. Energy modalities are gentle and effective behavioral training tools you can use at home.
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Thank you for your interest in working with me, it’s truly an honor to help you learn how to create the life you love to live…in Living Harmony. To get started, choose your session package above. Upon completion of payment you’ll receive a welcome email with all you need to get started, including a link to schedule your sessions. All sessions are conducted via telephone or virtual online conferencing. Sessions can be accessed at a day and time scheduled in advance or via remote work. Remote energy sessions are incredibly effective in cases when we want to get out of our own head, for our beloved pets and in times when we can’t attend a session personally but we still want the work. For in-person sessions and classes please contact the office in advance.

Sessions are one hour. All sessions are pre-paid. 24 hours advance notice of change or cancellation required or session considered full charge.
Session times are arranged within the next full business day after completed payment.

Office hours are Monday thru Friday, 9:30 am to 5:30 pm EST. Office closes 3pm on Fridays June 1st to August 31st. Office closed on federal holidays.