Manifesting with Healy Frequency

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Imaging harnessing the power of frequency to support creating your heart’s desires? If you own any Healy Frequency device you can!

In this 3 hour class, expert Energy Practitioner, Cat Stone, teaches how to use the frequency programs of your Healy Frequency device to:

*Release stuck energy of blocks, pain and lack

*Shift your energies from wanting to receiving

*Open up your heart and mind to prosperity possibilities

*Align your vibration to become Magnetically Attracted to your good!

This class is a good fit for anyone who currently owns a Healy Frequency device of any level. Cat will share with you how to use the basic frequencies of the Healy Gold as well as more advanced frequency programs of the Healy Resonance to power up your own powers of creation.

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Don’t have a Healy Frequency Device yet? Visit to get your own device now! Click YES #1178-6967-8144 is my provider to enter my secure site to learn more and purchase your own device. Clients with a pending Healy Frequency Device order may attend this class in advance or watch the replay when they get their device.

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