This FREE Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Basic Tutorial is an introduction, a starting point and is included here to both help you get acquainted with the process and to help you get the most out of your Living Harmony experience. Please take a few minutes before starting your first Living Harmony session or taking a Living Harmony class to familiarize yourself with this basic tutorial so you’ll enjoy the process even more. Remember: you simply can’t get this wrong…with practice, you’ll just continue to get it “more right!”


EFT is an energy technique that allows us to discharge and clear the negative effects of stuck emotional and psychological energy. Once these negative energies are cleared, we can then use the same technique to install and grow positive emotions and thoughts often resulting in wonderful outcomes in a new reality. EFT often works where nothing else will. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is an emotional, needle free version of acupuncture that is based on new discoveries regarding the connection between your body’s subtle energies, your emotions, and your health. EFT has been reported successful in thousands of cases covering a huge range of emotional, health and performance issues. Click here to learn more about EFT.


Learning the Basic EFT Recipe is easy, it just takes a few minutes to review the process and begin making positive changes in your life. While EFT can be used on everything, don’t try to use it where common sense dictates otherwise or in other ways: for complex issues or acute situations, you may choose to seek additional support.


Use the sample script to practice so you can started right away. Throughout the Living Harmony web site you’ll find actual client stories with samples of the set-up phrases we used on various issues to help them clear thru to success, and you can use those scripts too.


Here are the simple steps to use EFT to create your own Living Harmony:




Sometimes we know exactly what’s wrong – a fight with a family member, loss of a job or a painful relationship breakup. Then again, there are times when we’ve got a laundry list of things we need to clear. Either way, often we are feeling a combination of emotions and thinking several thoughts together, but there is almost always something that stands out above the rest. As you begin each round of EFT, ask yourself a few questions:


What is most intense negative feeling I’m having right now?

What is the PRIMARY negative thought I’m having right now?




For the thought and feeling you’ve chosen to clear, determine on a scale of 0 to 10 how strongly you are experiencing them. SUDS is short for Subjective Units of Distress. 0 means you have NO feeling (so you’d pick another more intense feeling/thought to EFT) and 10 is the most intense. You’ll continue to do individual rounds of EFT until you can rate both the thought and the feeling 0’s.




Using the pads of your fingertips of one hand, start by rubbing your Sore Spot or tapping on your Karate Chop Point gently. You’re working with your energy field so there’s no need for deep tissue massage. As you rub begin to allow the thought and feeling you have chosen to clear to rise up and become your sole focus. Remember, you are working to clear a negative thought and feeling, so allow yourself to go with the feeling for a moment; try to express a little of the actual feeling while doing the Set-Up. So if you’re angry, then get a little into it and snarl a bit or even yell if you can. You’ll soon feel that desire to express the anger fade as the anger itself clears away. Take a deep breath and then repeat the following Set-Up phrase three times (3x’s):


Even though I have this (insert negative thought) and it makes me

feel (insert negative feeling),

I deeply and completely love, accept and forgive myself.


After repeating this Set-Up phrase three times while rubbing or tapping, stop and take a very deep breath.




Take a moment to think of a Reminder Phrase. This is a one or two word reminder of the issue you are clearing, and can even be as simple as “this problem” – it’s just something you’re going to repeat as you tap through your meridians.


Tapping through your meridian points is the part of the process that resets or clears your energy. All you have to do is follow the diagram and simply tap on the points in succession while repeating your Reminder Phrase out loud, making sure to tap on every point at least 7 times each.





1 – Sore Point (SP)

2 – Crown (C)

3 – Third Eye (TE)

4- Inner Eyebrow (EB)

5- Outer Eye (OE)

6- Under Eye (UE)

7- Under Nose (UN)

8- Chin (CH)

9– Collarbone (CB)

10– Under Arm (UA)

11– Ribs (R)






When you’ve completed tapping thru all the points repeating your Reminder Phrase, you can either continue tapping thru the points on your hand (see separate diagram) or stop and take a breath. For most issues, by the time you get down to your Ribs, you’ll have cleared or begun to clear the issue. As you practice you’ll begin to notice your patterns and what works best for you. And even better, as you get clearer and clearer, often it gets easier and easier to clear even more!




As you take a full, deep breath and feel yourself releasing stuck energy. You may notice a warmth rising as you do this, or you may actually feel as if staleness is leaving you. Stop and take notice.


Are you feeling any different, and if so, how? Do you notice any changes in your breathing – are you able to take a deeper, more relaxed breath? Sometimes the changes at first are subtle, and sometimes they are profound.


A common experience when doing EFT is that when we have a combination of feelings, as we clear our most intense feeling another simply pops up to take it’s place. We can often miss the fact that we cleared something because the next feeling arises at the same intensity or greater. Be sure to ask yourself specifically about the thought/feeling you specifically chose to clear.


For example, if you are clearing anger toward your boss for criticizing you in front of your associates, you may end your EFT round with a strong sense of resentment. It’s a subtle difference, but if you are clear with yourself, you’ll realized that the anger has reduced or been cleared. The resentment is another layer of a whole pattern of feelings and thoughts, based on an ongoing pattern of abuse.


Real clearing is achieved when you can keep checking and clearing each feeling/thought that comes up until you can comfortably feel neutral about the entire situation and no other negative thought or feeling arises.




It’s not enough to just clean out the old garbage. When we create a vacuum the universe loves to fill it, so once you get the hang of clearing emotions and thoughts, reducing your stuck energies it’s essential to consciously choose what we want to put in place. Otherwise, we risk creating other negative situations that may feel strikingly like the old things we cleared. In truth, they won’t be the same, but negative is negative and why subject yourself to just whatever comes along when you can choose for yourself?


There are many, many versions of installing the positive using EFT, one of the earliest and best programs is called the Choices method. It simply states that we can choose a good thing to install after we’ve cleared out the negative. So once a negative round is completed, we would then go back with another round focusing on a positive outcome. For example, using the example of being angry with our boss who is insensitive, we might try:


Even though my boss yelled at me in front of the staff and it made me feel really angry,

I CHOOSE to see my boss is getting more respectful and cooperative every day.


The reminder phrase would then change to something like “My boss respects me” or “My boss supports me” – which we may not feel is entirely true at the moment, but the crack in the stuck energy will be enough to help us begin to make it true. For example, a new thought may arise such as “well, actually he doesn’t yell at me nearly as much as he does everyone else…hmmm, I never realized it but he must respect me a bit.” And as we change our energy, our results will continue to change too.


You can also choose to work with a variety of Reminder Phrases which may be longer or more involved such as:


I’m creating Living Harmony now.

I experience miracles in my life every day.

I’m a powerful creator.

I’m attracting abundance now.

I choose to be filled with Divine Love and Grace.


Practice with a mix of combinations until you find the formula that works for you. Personally, I like to do one round of really negative, feeling as much of the feeling as I can. Then I do a second round alternating Reminder Phrases with the negative then positive all the way thru each of the points, and finally I finish up with a wholly positive round focusing on my desired outcome.


Of course we can’t guarantee results, or that making choices such as the example above will create the exact outcome you desire. But the more you clear the more at peace you will feel, if you stick with it and are persistent. As I tell my new clients, be prepared for miracles because I really do see them every day.


The simple truth is that we are creating every moment of every day. Instead of creating more of the same old negative outcomes based on the negative energies we have, we have the ability, the right and the tools to clear out the negative so that we can realize a new reality moving ever toward the positive.


With enough dedication, you too really can create abundance and prosperity…in Living Harmony.


For more support on complex issues or things you can’t seem to clear yourself, click here to learn about individual, group and tele-class Living Harmony Sessions. And please email me with any questions by clicking here. (for the pdf version – visit www.inlivingharmonyfs.com to learn more about…etc.)


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