We are energetic beings having a physical experience. We can’t separate the parts of ourselves and manifest successfully any more than we could cut off our arm and expect to still have the use of our hand.

Managing our combined energies helps us harness all the Universal Creation Laws including the Law of Attraction, magnetizing our prosperity to us in abundant waves.

Life comes in waves. And the depths of our past merely foreshadow the abundance of our future, if we don’t lie there adrift awaiting the crash of the next swell. Managing your energies is like knowing when to let the current move you ahead and then when to paddle hard with the flow thus making the most successful progress possible, using your power not your force. Working with the flow, you can successfully cover great distances with far less effort. While swimming against the tide may be necessary sometimes, if that’s the only plan exhaustion and failure are a sure thing. Learning to manage and direct all our energies is essential for our survival and our ultimate success.

Just a few years ago my business associates would ask what I meant by the term “energy work,” it seemed so outrageous, foreign and “new agey.” But the truth is that we all know about energy, in fact we all experience it in a variety of ways throughout our lives. Our language reveals just how familiar we really are with energy: phrases such as “I feel drained,” “It has a strange vibe,” and “I’m all revved up,” all describe various energetic states. And we see clearly when someone’s energy is flowing abundantly and in a productive and positive direction as we say, “he’s in the zone…”

Living Harmony offers clients a proprietary formula for managing energies, a 3-Step recipe for success. Emotions, thoughts, beliefs and traumas unreleased act in our lives like open programs on our computers: as the number of programs increase and the time they open expand, the computer looses it’s ability to function effectively. Release an emotion, a thought or more and that energy returns once again to your available store, increasing your ability to access your own power and create the success in any area you desire. Living Harmony clients learn a variety of energy management “tools” so they can move past these stuck points, choose supportive programming and develop harmonic vibrational frequencies attuned to the successful manifestation of their desires.

“When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate.”

Carl Jung

Manifesting and working with the Law of Attraction, as well as other Universal Creation Laws have become incredibly popular subjects in recent years. There are so many books, seminars, programs and even movies that offer glimpses into seemingly magical worlds where people “just like me” have created astounding abundance. And while many of these materials are wonderful, it seems for many that something has been left out. Initially excited and encouraged, many end up wondering “why can’t I get this stuff?” or “why am I doomed to fail?” Most often the result of manifesting work is unreliable at best as we are easily able to manifest some things, but others elude us no matter how hard we try. It’s impossible in the face of inconsistencies and failure to maintain our enthusiasm with merely our conscious mind. We must learn to manage and direct our energies otherwise we’ll remain just short of our dreams, which simply doesn’t have to be the case.

“All that spirits desire, spirits obtain.”

Kahlil Gibran

The challenge with “manifesting” is a confusing irony: the moment we determine something we want to attract or create, we have also positioned our attention squarely on the fact that we don’t have, or lack, that which we desire. In doing so, we actually begin to create more lack of the very thing (and often related things) that we want! The “trick” is to not really need or want the thing you wish to have, in fact, the real secret is to know you already have it. And there is the challenge – how can you not want what you want? It may seem impossible, but there are actually reliable ways to achieve this state, most often called detachment. When you can get to that point, you’ll manifest things quicker, easier and in much more abundance. You’ll be magnetically attractive to all you desire and more.

“Here’s an important point that doesn’t get said when we have just a little bit of time…that many of the beliefs that are blocking you guys are unconscious, you’re not even aware of them. And so that’s why things like meditation, and therapy…Emotional Freedom Technique…we could list a lot of different things that help you get in touch with the unconscious things that are blocking you. It’s kinda like you’re sending out a signal that says ‘I want a perfect man,’ but some experience like when you were five years old and Bobby Smith down the road didn’t invite you to be in his club is still in there going ‘but a perfect man wouldn’t like me’ and you don’t even know you are thinking that thought. So at some level that’s why the deeper work that we don’t even talk about when we don’t have the time…you’ve got to find some method to do that, whatever it might be.”

Jack Canfield, author, Chicken Soup for the Soul

Living Harmony offers clients a variety of proven, impressive, easy to use and incredibly comforting energy management tools including Emotional Freedom Technique, Aromatherapy, Success Coaching and much more. Emotional Freedom Technique is the main tool used to help remove blocks and restore harmony of heart, mind, body and spirit because it’s so easy, gentle and effective. Click on the EFT link to read more about EFT and get a basic primer so you can get started right away.

So what EXACTLY does managing your energy do for you? You will learn – and very quickly! – that you too can:

*stop the endless, repetitive cycle of doom and gloom thoughts

*clear away negative thoughts for good

*install positive thoughts that become your new automatic thinking

*shift the energy in relationships from stale or negative to more joyful and magnetic

*release pain of all kinds more easily and effectively

*learn the “how-to” for really letting go

*make success actions habitual and enjoyable

*increase sales and magnetize even more opportunities to yourself and your company

*open the flow of abundance in all areas of your life

*and much more…

Perhaps the most astounding thing my clients learn is not just that even after years of frustration and failure they really CAN do these things, but even better: you can learn to do these things quickly and so easily…often clients make huge shifts in just a single session!