Living Harmony – (n) 1. the process of contentedly being in each moment, effectively using all the energies seen and unseen to seamlessly produce in dynamic synchronicity with all energies both internal and external.


2. the system of internal and external environmental energy management tools created by Cathleen Campbell, applied with the Living Harmony Manifesting Formula, used to synergistically support the development of more successful conscious manifesting in creating more abundant prosperity in any area of life or subject; our organically intended state of being.


The image of a water droplet falling into a larger body, affecting the entire body as the ripples reverberating outward conveys many energy and manifesting messages so clearly. Whether we speak of an intentional manifesting thought, a single drop of restorative essential oil, or the very essence of our own vibrational frequency, immediately we know that one drop affects the whole and in affecting the whole, we make changes that have exponentially greater effects along the way and on the whole.

Living Harmony began over 20 years ago as a feng shui consultancy, providing feng shui environment reviews, space clearings, education and tools for clients to use in creating harmony in their homes and offices.

Over the course of working with clients’ varying successes and their failures, it became abundantly clear to me: where we are blocked, NO amount of moving furniture around, praying, affirming, cajoling, taking classes, paying for the most expensive marketing campaign, reading self-help books or any other manifestation technique would ever produce abundant success. And worse, any success produced in a blocked state could be fleeting at best or potentially destructive.

The question and the opportunity emerged: how do I help especially the most blocked client, individual, partnership, couple or company simply release what’s holding them back so they can actually create and live what they desire? How can I help people move from effortful struggle to contended realization?

The answer: Living Harmony.

As I began working with my client’s energies and intentions to create success, I was on a parallel course to create the most important success in my own life, that of my complete wellbeing. And while working to create healing from chronic pain, I began to accumulate a treasure chest of incredibly powerful energy management tools and skills. With each success in my own recovery, I began to share these incredible tools with my clients and one by one their own success stories grew.

All living things including we humans have a natural and innate inclination to wellbeing. Using energy management tools, we can aid ourselves in releasing the things that block these natural abilities and begin experiencing what has always been at our core a state of blissful harmony within that will then naturally reveal and attract abundant harmony without.

Living Harmony developed out of my desire to answer the question of how to stop struggling for myself and my clients. It’s a a source of effective tools I use personally and teach my clients as well as my friends and family. First an education in learning to understand, clear, balance and then manage one’s energy these same tools can then be applied to more effectively create whatever success one desires.

Living Harmony teaches individual clients, groups and organizations the internal and external environmental energy tools we all need to clear the stuck energy keeping us blocked from creating and attracting the success, prosperity and wellbeing we seek in our personal, professional and spiritual lives. For more information about services, products and programs, please visit our Book Sessions page. Additional helpful information about manifesting and energy can be found throughout this site and a list of Frequently Asked Questions or the Sample Client Profiles may provide the information you need to begin learning to manifest your own desires in Living Harmony.