You know in your heart of hearts that you are more than what meets the eye.

Are you ready to learn just how powerful you really are?

I’ll not only show you, I’ll teach you
how to master your
Conscious Manifesting abilities!

In this program, you’ll access my 30+ years of working with the real Laws of the Universe, all of them. Guided by masters ancient and modern, I’ve learned how to materialize the things I desire and I’ve put all this knowledge into proven formulas and techniques you can learn to use to create all you wish to live…in Living Harmony.

A Blissful Bride™

Consciously manifest the wedding – and marriage! – of your dreams.

Designed to teach brides – and grooms – powerfully effective tools they can use on their own, exactly when they need them to let go of the stress and strain of putting together not only their special day but their special lives too, A Blissful Bride™ is the only program that brings together the science of energy healing with the art of conscious creation and expert event management to create truly loving, fulfilling dreams for a lifetime.

If you’re ready to connect with true love in every stage of your wedding planning, be fully present throughout your wedding and reception and relish your beautiful memories throughout your long, happy marriage – I’m here to teach you how!
“Cathleen was a vital ally in helping me to clear fear and worry and so many old patterns, and of helping me to be the person I wanted to be and knew I could be in my life and my relationship. I was already prepared to have an incredible journey with my partner, ring or no ring. So, when he proposed to me she helped me go even deeper to make sure that we had only experienced the tip of the iceberg – she helped me anchor in so many beautiful feelings and experiences leading up to and on the day of our wedding – anchors I feel the effect of even all these years after – and I’m so grateful I had her and the tools she gave me to make sure I showed up for my marriage and my life as the person I wanted to be so my husband and I could both have the epic marriage we have.”
Anjali Bhimani
“Everyone was so excited about our wedding. I loved my fiancé and I really wanted to be married, but I’m terrified of public speaking and the idea of getting up in front of every single person we know was freaking me out! The more people talked about how much fun it was going to be the more I felt sick. I have a hard time speaking in meetings, I just knew I was going to faint or get sick or worse. My maid of honor who is my oldest friend saw something was wrong and made me tell her. She told me about this “energy healer” she’d read about and suggested I have a session. I was too upset to tell her I didn’t know what the heck an energy healer was. The next week I had a phone session with her and I started crying right away. I’d been holding it in for weeks and it just came pouring out of me. I could hear her voice and it sounded soothing but there was something more. Within about 15 minutes I was calming down and feeling actual relief! I didn’t know how this was happening. I wasn’t doing anything on my end yet, I’d been too upset. When I could finally pay attention she taught me how to tap and led me through several passes of EFT. The relief I felt was so overwhelming I was feeling lightheaded! By the end of the hour I was beginning to get excited for the first time in months! We had a few more sessions and each one made me feel better and better. I didn’t tell anyone except my friend. Our wedding was beautiful and I had a great time! It’s amazing, but I actually enjoyed being up there! The crazy thing is that everyone said I looked so blissful which is the name Cat was giving her bridal program! I’m so glad I listened to my friend and worked with Cat before our wedding. My husband and I have great memories and are enjoying starting our happy life together. Oh, and my boss noticed that I’m more confident at work too.” – Janice N.
“Jill and I were living together three years when we decided to get married. Almost immediately she started to worry about…everything. Her intense anxieties really worried me. Her parents were excited about our wedding and wanted to lavish everything on us. My parents just wanted it over. That push and pull was really overwhelming. But there were more serious issues. Her parents had known and loved who she was for as long as she could remember. It took me forever to tell my parents and they didn’t take it well. I’d worked with Cat on my career and I knew she could calm any storm. So I decided we should work with her on our wedding. The results were amazing! Jill calmed down and started enjoying herself. I was blown away when my parents began warming up to the idea and we actually started having some very nice conversations! Our day was really beautiful. After struggling my whole life, I now have the happy family I always wanted and it’s better than I could have ever hoped. Thank you for everything, Cat from two of your favorite Blissful Brides! “
Theresa M.

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