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In this program, you’ll access my 30+ years of working with the real Laws of the Universe, all of them. Guided by masters ancient and modern, I’ve learned how to materialize the things I desire and I’ve put all this knowledge into proven formulas and techniques you can learn to use to create all you wish to live…in Living Harmony.

Grief Release™

Indulgence for body and mind

Whether our painful loss is shockingly new or decades old, the impossible has happened and we’re bereft on a sea of sorrowfully agonizing emotions. The grief process actually isn’t a series of individual states that cleanly come and go one right after another as many suggest. The experiences rise and fall, overcome, overlap and sweep us out in a never-ending ocean of our own tears. Sometimes rough and insistent, sometimes gentle but perhaps even more painful in the incessant undercurrent threatening to dissolve any sense of wellbeing we may have achieved. It’s a messy and confusing array of shockingly unsettling new experiences. Often we’re tossed about onto a dry and lonely shore winded by the deafening silence, the void left behind by the one who has left us.

Grief is the state of suffering we experience when we are bereaved, when we have lost someone or some thing we love. It is the acute awareness of the stuck energy of our pain resulting from our loss. Our innate healing mechanisms are equipped to process, in time, all our emotions. But as with all mechanisms sometimes our system gets overloaded or blocked from working effectively. When we find ourselves continuing to grieve long after or worse, we find our grief increasing, often we’ll find the stuck energy from our pain is preventing our healing.

Energy modalities such as EFT Tapping are designed to help us lift this release mechanism to a conscious level so we can choose to release intentionally. As we begin to understand our pain and the grief process, we can use these methods to:

  • Release agonizing pain, sadness and loneliness

  • Let go of anger, fear and bitterness

  • Quiet unanswerable questions and hurtful thoughts
  • Resolve feelings of guilt or shame
  • Clear patterns of everyday painful reminders

  • Allow peace to rise to the surface

  • Find comfort and happiness in memories

  • Increase connection and communication

Eos ut velit munere postea, et possim meliore mea. Te vidit nemore vituperatoribus usu, possim suscipiantur comprehensam mea in. Ea dico doctus interesset per, no sit quod tale volutpat. Fugit tritani mei ea, ut vim esse dicunt perpetua, adhuc detracto luptatum et sea. Eam te cibo dicat consul, altera instructior sit ne. Pri an tale idque reformidans, pri ea sumo oportere indoctum.

“If you are loved you never lose the person who loved you. You carry them with you all of your life.”

Alice Hoffman, The World That We Knew

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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