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Locked In Low Self-Esteem

By |December 15, 2017|

Locked in Low Self-Esteem Prison by Tapping Insider's Club Masterclass Guest Expert, Cat Stone With great pride and excitement, I’m thrilled to share with you I’ve recorded a 4-Part Masterclass for the Tapping Insider’s Club entitled “Locked In Low Self-Esteem Prison”. Tapping Insider’s Club is the membership club created by Tapping Solution founders Nick Ortner and Jessica [...]

Manifesting: Trick or REAL Treat?

By |October 31, 2020|

Manifesting: Big Trick or An Awesome Treat? Learn the HOW of Conscious Manifesting to Make Life a Real Treat Halloween has always been a special time for me. Since I was four and sewed my first masterpiece after having seen Cinderella and concluding that if the mice and birds could do it I could too, I've created [...]

Have Yourself A Peppermint Christmas

By |December 1, 2021|

Have Yourself A Peppermint Holiday, Any Day Bring On the Holiday Spirit Anytime with Aromatherapy Scents and flavors help us celebrate the abundances of the season. Holidays – whichever we’re celebrating at the moment - give us a chance to rejoice with the special treats we love. One of my favorite parts of the Christmas season are [...]

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