Manifesting: Big Trick or An Awesome Treat?

Learn the HOW of Conscious Manifesting to Make Life a Real Treat

Halloween has always been a special time for me. Since I was four and sewed my first masterpiece after having seen Cinderella and concluding that if the mice and birds could do it I could too, I’ve created some incredible EFT Helps Mother Slim Downcostumes. Sewing for Halloween is so freeing because nothing is off limits, practically. Okay, so Mom had a say in nixing a few design concepts. But generally I found a compromise. The entire process delighted me. Especially the part where I had to figure out just how to make what I wanted to be come true…

Learning to sew at an early age, continuing with it through my school years and following the path into an over twenty year career in the fashion and home sewing industries, gave me tremendous insight into the functions and techniques of creation.

It wasn’t until the necessity of healing a terrible injury required me to learn creation from a new perspective that I realized I knew what to do all along! You see, whether healing or designing a costume, the process of creation is always, always the same. It’s just that our perceptions and our emotions get us mixed-up.

We get so caught up in what’s happening right now, what we have to take care of and how things “are” that we don’t realize how much power we have to create what we want. And if by some chance we hear about this amazing power we have, given our present circumstances, we dismiss the concept quickly lest we grow even more confused, frustrated or disappointed. We have responsibilities, and the time for dreaming is over. But is it really?

With all the hype and misinformation, have you concluded that this stuff all these new-agey people call “manifesting” is just hype? Something designed to manifest millions for the so-called guru’s who sell programs and an endless stream of must-have books?

It’s no wonder. The language used to convey these concepts can be so unclear, outrageous or downright incorrect. With important bits of information missing, and yet others blown out of proportion even the most ardent student of manifesting can get discouraged.

The most popular texts today cite the Law of Attraction as the way we create. Well, not really…that’s only one half of the equation of just that single law alone! The entire equation speaks not just about attraction, but as Albert Pike, a man who lived more than a hundred years ago, stated its conjoined twin being the Law of Radiation:

“The double law of attraction and radiation or of sympathy and antipathy, of fixedness and movement,
which is the principle of Creation, and the perpetual cause of life.” Albert Pike

Yet practicing manifesting using the Law of Attraction only, some will find what they think is success so quickly they feel this manifesting stuff is sheer magic. Others may try and try seemingly without one shred of result to show for their effort save the time and frustrating struggle spent. We’re told: Be specific. Be open and general. Infuse emotion. Be detached. Come on already! Which is it!

So, is Manifesting a Special Treat or a Big Trick?

Well, if you get it right, then oh what delights you can enjoy! We watch regular people just like us interviewed on talk shows describing how they created a list of qualities they wanted, spent a little time visualizing and within months they became married to their dream mate, created millions or a stunning physique.

Conscious Manifesting is neither a trick or a treat: is a process!

The reality is that you are manifesting right now. And now. And now. There you go again. You just did some more! Manifesting is what happens as a result of our Vibrational Frequency.

It’s not a special pass given only to a select few, nor is it a complete waste. It’s simply what happens, all the time. And when we understand the Universal Laws that govern how energy is transmitted, interpreted, responded to, returned and accepted then we can engage in manifesting with our intention. We can actually learn to identify, adjust and consciously manage our Vibrational Frequency to put us specifically in harmonious alignment with what we want to experience. We can become Conscious Manifesting Experts!

There are countless references to all the laws of creation. But it’s far more interesting to market a quick tagline than an entire set of seemingly overwhelming laws. But actually, it’s far easier to spend a bit of time learning how to use the real laws effectively. Actually, the REAL secret is that these laws are pretty fun to work with, easy to master and so reliable that once you clear away the stuck energies you had holding you back, manifesting abundance can become almost boring. Then again, when you learn to manifest whatever you want and need, it leaves you free to actually ENJOY life…a concept many of us haven’t experienced personally in a very long time.

My clients know that I’m pretty tired with all the hype and inaccurate information. Wading through all this bunk is how I created the Living Harmony Manifesting Formula. And this proven 3-step formula works…every time.

For as long as I can remember I just knew there was more to life, more to me, than what I was taught. Growing up Catholic there was a lot of fear around some of the things that I saw and felt. I learned to keep it all inside. Sometime in the late 90’s I started reading books that reflected some of my thoughts and experiences. Some of the authors seemed to know what they were talking about, but most of them didn’t seem to have a handle on it. I heard Cathleen give a presentation at a wellness event in New York and suddenly things began to click. Within a few sessions I got used to saying “Oh! I get it!” over and over again. The thing with Cat is it’s not just about her teaching, which is really good, it’s that she helps you think and learn for yourself. Those realizations came from within me and they made sense to me right away. She also taught me how to respect my religion and my gifts. Since our sessions I’ve manifested a much better job with a much higher salary, I got the car I wanted in a really interesting way, I regularly manifest great deals and I’ve started creating the social life I’ve always wanted. The thing is these aren’t magical blessings accidentally bestowed on me by some super power. I know how to manifest what I want, and that gives me a lot of security as well as a lot of fun and peace.

Joe J. , IT Engineer

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