Locked in Low Self-Esteem Prison

by Tapping Insider’s Club Masterclass Guest Expert, Cat Stone

With great pride and excitement, I’m thrilled to share with you I’ve recorded a 4-Part Masterclass for the Tapping Insider’s Club entitled “Locked In Low Self-Esteem Prison”. Tapping Insider’s Club is the membership club created by Tapping Solution founders Nick Ortner and Jessica Ortner EFT Helps Mother Slim Down featuring a wealth of recorded programs and scripts to help you learn how to use EFT in your own life. To be asked to teach along side some of my most esteemed mentors is quite an honor, so I wanted to create a profound class that would help attendees shift on a very meaningful level.

The confident knowledge of one’s own value is central to create success for ourselves.

Yet, at the root of nearly every one of the tens of thousands of clients and students I’ve worked with over the span of nearly three decades is the issue of low or no self-esteem.

Why is this such a pervasive issue? We begin, as we almost always do, in early childhood.

It’s been said that by the time a child is just two years old they’ve heard the word NO in a loud, strong, angry and firm voice directed at them hundreds of thousands of times. You only had to listen to my mother to understand how this could happen to a sweet, innocent life. My mother would never be described as abusive in any way especially to children and yet she inflicted damage like so many of us do because when a child misbehaved or was in danger you could hear her staccato “No, No, NO, NOOOOO” from halfway round the world!

The reason adults all seem to do this is simple: rarely does such a small child listen, comprehend and immediately stop whatever they are doing on a dime. Not only does this seeming lack of comprehension frustrate adults, but in the cases where the child is in danger it increases both fear and urgency. The adult simply has to make the child comply.

The challenge? On the one hand, toddlers don’t yet have the capacity to discern what these commands actually mean. Without the contextual understanding gained with age, hearing “no, No, NO!” inadvertently conveys the message that WE OURSELVES are wrong. This emotionally damaging message is deepened with the level of emotional intensity with which the words are hurtled at the child. All of this is truly heartbreaking when one realizes that most often the adult is simply trying to train or even protect the child. But it gets worse.

What we are just learning as a species is that being energetic beings living a physical experience we are both receiving energies and transmitting them. One doesn’t have to be a trained Reiki Master to project one’s energy, we all do this naturally. When a mother reaches to sooth a hurt child she is pouring her healing love energy into that child with physical contact, but the energy reaches forth from her the very moment she even thinks of comforting her cherished child.

When we speak commands forcefully, yell them, shout or scream them? We are pouring our energetic fury into the ethers actually intending they reach the object of our command! That powerful energy reaches into the very heart and soul of a precious child, forever changing them creating an unseen yet painfully felt prison of low self-esteem. I’d love to say this doesn’t affect us all, but frankly I think it does.

While some people are obviously affected greatly, even the most successful people can suffer great bouts of doubt resulting from the stuck energy of low self-esteem.
The more we strive for success the more we touch these deep wounds.

The great news, of course, is that we no longer have to just bear up, hoping our force of will is enough to sustain or push us through. We don’t have to accept what is. We can learn simple tools like EFT Tapping to help us release the stuck energy we have that causes us to live in the prison of our pain. We can release the false ideas we have about ourselves and life. We can release the feelings of separation and isolation.

And in releasing we return to the truth of our vital self-worth, the balanced energy of the profoundly clear experience of being fully who we are. And in so doing, perhaps for the first time, come to a conscious realization of the love we have within, for ourselves and ultimately the others in our lives.

Expertly narrated by my dear friend, Best-Selling Author and Energy Coach, Kris Feraro, this class provides masterful supportive and entertaining insights, guidance and application of EFT Tapping to help you learn to resolve your own self-esteem issues. While many people wish to only focus on the positive, or they prefer to end each session on a positive note, I’ve found that really effective EFT tapping and release does focus on the pain, the origins of it and the experience of it. Rather than give our tapping lip service, we know that in order to create genuine release we simply do need to learn that we are safe to say or think the negative while tapping. Checking in a few days later we’ll find ourselves in a new place, and while this new place may also feel negatively charged, when we commit to tapping until we are truly clear, we will get there.

This 4 part series helps you harness the healing power of EFT Tapping focusing on:

  • What the “I’m not good enough” programming is that’s running within you, and how it got there in the first place
  • The impact of our childhood experiences on these limiting beliefs (and judgment’s role in this)
  • How the general belief of “I’m not good enough” can interfere in multiple aspects of your life and how you can use Tapping to overcome it
  • The idea of personal well-being and its importance in understanding what we want to create in your own life and future
  • How your emotional beliefs of “I’ll be happy when…” can bring about disappointment and how to rephrase this common thought
  • The importance of looking inward at personal valuation and how this helps your journey
  • How the belief of “I’m not good enough” affects your relationships and how you can change it to a more empowering belief
  • How the “I’m not good enough” programming is related to the Law of Attraction and can cause you to attract the wrong relationships
  • Tips to release this programming and how that will also impact the perception of experiences, events, memories, and beliefs in your life
  • How the belief of “I’m not good enough” affects your business and financial goals and how to attract abundance instead
  • The impact of your energy field on clients when discussing your business or money and how to create energy that reflects your intentions
  • Why a successful business and having financial security is important in your life (and it’s not what you think!)

To access this class, you can either purchase it thru the Tapping Solution for $49.

To work on your Self-Esteem issues directly with me in a program tailored specifically for you, just email me at catstone@inlivingharmony.com.

I caught Cat’s class on Low Self-Esteem on the Tapping Insider’s Club and I was so impressed. She opened my eyes to just how deeply my self-esteem issues were affecting me and I realized that’s why I’ve been so mad all the time. Instead of making me feel worse I completely got what she said about working through it until we’re done healing. This class inspired me to just do my own work until I finally feel good about myself and my contributions at work. Cat’s position that we need to know it’s important to look at the negative stuff so we can fully release it and that we’re safe to do it really made sense. I’d tried to be positive so many times before but that was just a waste of time and effort. Now I just tap on the negative until the positive things are free to just come up. No more pushing, no more forcing. Now I don’t have to pretend to feel good about myself, I just do.

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