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in Living Harmony

Welcome to my transformative energy coaching practice! I teach people, couples, organizations – and animals – how to release their “stuck energy” –
Cat Stone Master Energy Practitioner stress, negative thought patterns, painful traumas and unproductive behaviors – so they can finally feel great and learn to manifest intentionally the life they truly desire, as I say “in Living Harmony.”

Why “in Living Harmony?”

For decades I sought every type of personal development and self-help I could find, most of which proclaimed the need for balance and boundaries while simultaneously declaring we can all be multi-millionaire supermodels living in mansions. Almost all of it resulted in my questioning and judging myself endlessly which made me feel worse and worse. On the outside I appeared confident and successful, inside I was incredibly sad and defeated. The harder I tried the worse I felt! Eventually I came to believe I wasn’t meant to be happy, healthy or have any real success in my life.

When I gave up all that forcing and turned my focus to healing, magical things began to happen, easily. It was when I learned the process of release that I finally began to understand. What I discovered is that balance is bogus and focusing on boundaries tends to drive us deeper into negative experiences! Starting over with a fresh view, I observed the natural world and energetic universe. Witnessing cycles and patterns of creation I discovered the answer:

We are vibrational beings living a physical existence. We are meant to flow with life not fight against it!

What we see as solid, permanent, firm is always, at its most essential level energy. Nothing is separate. We are all connected not only to each other but to everything seen and unseen, known and unknown. What we see as beauty is already on it’s way to decaying, to then feed something else. Just as an orchestra combines a myriad of notes in various patterns to create an astonishingly beautiful piece of music, so nature creates beauty with all the elements. We are here to create, to co-create with the very universe.

And so we must learn to work with all the elements – or notes – of all our energies and the energies around us if we are to live a peaceful, happy and prosperously productive life. We can learn how to live contentedly and prosperously when life is good as well as when times are challenging. Understanding how to move with the ebb and flow of life but as well as how to consciously direct in a chosen pattern just as beautiful music is created, just as nature demonstrates is the only lasting method of satisfying creation.

Before you mistake my energy programs for just another self-help program
stop right there —

My Living Harmony toolkit isn’t about chanting positive phrases,

sitting in lotus position and hoping for the best.
You’ll learn my proven methods you’ll use to create what you desire, for real.

In fact, I’ll tell you what I teach all my clients: the word hope is a four-letter word that I don’t allow them to use! Why? Because most often when we are hoping for something we are allowing our negative energies – our fears, worries and lamentations – to co-create with our dreams, often resulting in disappointment. Instead, I teach how to harness the power of neuroscience combined with Ancient Wisdom to manifest consciously, confidently and consistently.

Why is it most self-help, wellness and business “success” materials don’t actually help us achieve our dreams?

Most of us are too blocked to utilize the self-help information found in books and audio recordings on our own to full frution. Often what the personal development and self-help industry offers is like setting a gas can next to the car instead of filling the tank: without someone facilitating the gas into the tank, the car can’t take you where you want to go.

In fact, most of us have a store of stuck energy that’s often not so hidden. Many professionals and entrepreneurs are so blocked with emotional self-doubt they often can’t get even the simplest sales and management methods to work consistently. They assume that outside influences like the economy or changing tastes will ultimately direct if and when they are successful. If they are in the zone they dread falling out of it. If they aren’t in the zone they can’t figure out how to get started.

Likewise people who deeply desire a lasting and happy romantic relationship, a mutually respectful and loving family or even a great relationship with their boss often find themselves hurt and disappointed when things don’t go as the books suggest. They try to “establish boundaries” or “require” balance only to end up even more confused. Deepening their self-critism and lack of self-worth, their pain teaches them relationships are painful and unreliable.

What the majority of people don’t know is that all of our energies – those we are conscious of and those that lay beyond our comprehension – are always creating with and for us. We may consciously think we’re focused on being positive, but if our underlying energies are aligned with the negative we’ll exhaust ourselves fighting against this unseen force. When we learn to release and shift our energies, we learn how to create easily, enjoyably and successfully on every level.

Fill it up, with premium please!

When you seek out the support of skilled energy practitioner myself – a globally recognized elite credentialed energy practitioner, you’ll quickly learn how I tap into my advanced-level energy healing skills including Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Energy Psychology, Reiki, Feng Shui as well as my extensive management, sales and marketing credentials as the basis for my powerful proprietary integrative combination of energy clearing modalities and proven success methodology. Combined with your own energy and intentions—you’ll quickly leverage my powerful guidance to get unstuck…for real!

My favorite thing to do is help my clients use my special brand of energy work
to finally, successfully create what they want

including true love, successful relationships, financial freedom,

wellness and fabulous fitness, well behaved pets and children and more.

The result?

My clients are able to create change faster and easier, often making lasting changes in areas of their lives and businesses they never thought possible!

Working with powerful and proven methodologies on the leading edge of science and quantum mechanics, my clients learn the basics right from their very first session. Most self-help and personal growth work requires extensive appointments under the guidance of the expert practitioner with great lulls of waiting time between sessions. An essential and tremendous benefit of sessions with me is that right from the first appointment my clients are armed with fast-acting powerful tools they can use not only in session, but most importantly right there in their own lives at the moment they need them. My sessions, programs, classes and products provide you with a powerful and proven toolkits for managing your internal and external environmental energy and the actual how-to instructions for creating a more prosperous personal and professional life.

When they stop struggling with stuck energy
y clients get to enjoy a more peace-filled existence.
My clients learn to enjoy living their dreams…in Living Harmony!

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