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Our emotions are the jet fuel that fire up our desires, propel us toward our manifestations bringing our intentions into being.  Our emotions drive us or hinder us.  They support us when our conscious mind and body can’t go any further, or even when we are fit and able they keep us from taking even that first step.  Adrift in a sometimes confusing sea, our emotions seem to simply happen as a result of what we are experiencing.  But in reality we choose each and every emotion we feel whether consciously or by subconscious habit and they power every one of our intentions.  Unlike how our emotions seem to happen to us, we’d like to think our intentions must be consciously chosen to manifest into our reality, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Intentions can be chosen consciously, but more often than not they are simply launched without our awareness by our subconscious, fueled by our habitual emotions and the energetic patterns we’ve been living, growing and even training each day.  In both cases, we have the ultimate choice, we just need to know how to access and use that choice.

As impossible as severing our arm and expecting to still have the use of our hand, we tell ourselves that we can set aside or put away our emotions and still create abundance and success.  We think we need to retain our feelings in order to protect ourselves, be smart, not make the same old mistakes. The problem is, unless they are processed and released, emotions never go away.  Instead, they grow in intensity just beneath the surface and begin to affect or infect every aspect of our lives.  They use up more and more of our available energetic resources, and cause us to create more and more of what we didn’t want in the first place.  In our ignorance, we don’t realize that emotions are an incredibly powerful gift!  Our feelings are an internal guidance system, a part of our navigational resources cluing us into our vibrational frequency.  They are not meant to be held onto tightly, but rather experienced and then released.  A natural ability we all end up suppressing and derailing in one way or another, when we fail to release we are left burdened by the very feelings we don’t want to have in the first place.

“Feelings only lie.  They tell us we’re going to get from letting go of them what we already have from holding onto them.”  Hale Dwoskin

The reality is that processing emotions with energy technologies is actually easy, gentle and can be a pleasant even fun experience!  We don’t have to relive the suffering from a traumatic experience to release it fully.  And we don’t have to create some deep trauma we didn’t have in order to clear our way to greater success.  Whether we have a long list of traumas or have led a generally happy life, if we’re not creating our heart’s desire, we have the power to clear away these blocks, big and small, easily and with far less effort than having to deal with the consequences we’ve been living.   The way to create peaceful abundance is to be able to embrace the truth of loving ourselves.  You can test yourself by looking into your eyes in a mirror and telling yourself “I love  you,” if you feel anything but the warmth of that statement, you simply have some stuck energies to clear.  It’s that simple.

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” Lucille Ball

“You gotta have heart….miles and miles and miles of heart…”    So goes the song.  A song about passion, stamina, commitment.  The song describes how dreams come into being, not just in the thinking of them or the doing, but in the way our ability to direct our emotions into sheer power carrying us through every step of manifesting until we reach success.  All too often though, we feel we have far too much heart.  Too many negative emotions swirling around, tossing us about, keeping us stuck.  Whatever we haven’t properly processed accumulates, remaining as stuck energy draining us, keeping us stuck in realities we don’t really want but don’t know how to recreate.

What we feel about we set about in motion in our lives.  E-“motion”…the origins tell us exactly what power exists in our feelings.  From the Old French esmovoir, we get “to excite”, and from Vulgar Latin *exmovÄ“re  we get, “to move.”   Newton’s laws of physics tell us that an object at rest tends to stay at rest, and an object at motion tends to stay in motion.  In order to get something at rest into motion, we need to apply a force externally greater than the resistant force of the motionless object.  As we add the powerful force of our feelings, we “excite” the object of our attention and set it into motion.  Continue to apply the force of our feelings and we add momentum to that which we are directing our energies toward.

“Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything.” Napoleon Hill

Stuck emotions, don’t just lie there…they grow like mold, fester and eventually infect other areas of our lives.  Release that stuck energy and our emotions begin to flow freely again as they were meant to, our lives can be filled with joyful abundance.  Each painful experience causes us tears.  Real tears released in soft weeping, shed in anguished episodes, or denied and unshed now left stagnating in the deepest part of our heart’s ocean.  We grow up being told to “stop that crying.”  Learning to get hold of ourselves and “control” our emotions has long been the focus of parenting efforts to help mold functional and socially acceptable adults.

But have we missed the mark?  While some parents mean the very best, others are dealing with their own stuck energy and thus incapable of guiding out of love.  The same words and the same direction to “control” result in yet another generation unable to properly experience, process and release emotions.  A new generation dealing with the harmful consequences of accumulated stuck emotional energy.

Even in the healthiest families, we are all learning from others with their own stuck energies.  A happy, healthy family may convey to it’s children that earning more than your friends and family do is greedy which makes us feel guilt or shame.  To avoid being separated from their loving embrace we simply follow our subconscious programming that “too much is bad” and so we’ll do just a bit better, but not better enough to be noticed.  Stuck energy does not have to be a result of trauma at all, yet all stuck energy affects our ability to fully embrace our rightful abundance in every area of our lives.

Living Harmony offers proven and effective tools that can be used to successfully and easily manage our hearts.  When we can harness the energy of our heart, directing the flow of powerful emotions our desires are more fully magnetized to us.  These tools are often deceptively easy, and the results can be stunning.  The most important result of managing our energies, especially our emotional energy, is the sense of peace and harmony we have right now, not just for some future date when everything is in place and your heart seems at rest, but as you live your actual, daily life on your way to realizing your dreams.  It’s the power of our emotions in the now that fuels our dreams inot being in our future.  Take the time to read about some of these techniques and some real-life results posted throughout this site, and send me any questions you may have via email at ccampbell@inlivingharmony.com.

In truth all that we seek to resolve and manifest has already been manifested.  Just on the other side of our conscious realization, our physical realities are the wonders of what are minds have already brought forth and created for us.  We can learn to bring these dreams into the sharp focus of our current realty as we Tap Into the PowerTM and create in Living Harmony.

How will I know if Energy Work will work for me?2022-07-25T15:40:56-04:00

When we ask “will this work for me” we’re often asking because in either pain or confusion or both, we’re looking for something or someone outside of ourselves to fix our problems or make our dreams come true. We might also ask this question because we’ve tried so much already and either made small progress or nothing worked.

The answer is it isn’t energy work that makes our problems go away or our dreams come true. Energy modalities such as EFT Tapping, Feng Shui, Aromatherapy and more help us make the shifts and releases in our energy system, releasing our blocks effectively so that we can keep taking effective action and making effective choices which all work together to change our lives.

When we keep working in this effective manner, we learn the truth that it is we who actually make our dreams come true and with our tools and support we can!

When will I start seeing results?2022-05-02T13:16:30-04:00

Right from our first session my clients report feeling calmer and having a confidence they can heal whatever it is they’ve struggled with. Sometimes clients have immediate and complete shifts so that they feel their problems are completely resolved in just one session or even one round. Gary Craig, the founder of Emotional Freedom Techniques, called these experiences “one-minute-wonders” and they are amazing. When this happens it’s very exciting and encouraging.

Most of our life challenges are comprised of many “aspects” and their root causes can be from a variety of sources. We often know we have a bit of clearing to do before we really start to see significant changes. Each clearing frees up stuck energy which helps us feel better and stronger. We have more power to do the job at hand. And as we clear one issue another often rises up to take it’s place. This can feel very daunting if we don’t know what’s happening, and if we don’t understand how to consciously manifest our desires.

It’s important to learn that your subconscious, ego, inner child, higher self, all aspects of you are actually there to support you but sometimes the programs they are running are old, outdated or just simply negative. Change programming and you’ll get very different and often much better outcomes! The truth is our subconscious and other parts are always responding to what we ask for and tell them. When we seek to release ourselves from pains, past and present, our subconscious will begin bringing these bits of stuck energy to our conscious attention not to make us feel worse or hopeless but because it’s saying “here, here’s the next bit to release, to heal!” Our job is to keep working through all that is brought up which brings us closer and closer to making our dreams our reality!

Here’s some fantastic news: we do not have to clear everything negative we have ever felt, thought or experienced in order to have the life we want. We simply need to clear whatever is related to our desired outcome. This is the most efficient way to use energy modalities to help us heal what we specifically need and it’s usually a fairly fast and clear process. Most helpful is the sense of confidence we begin experiencing as we work our way through our steps.

How hard is it to learn EFT and the Energy Work you teach?2022-07-25T15:15:13-04:00

My clients learn basic EFT from their very first session! Most people feel a little something with their very first experience. Even beginners happily describe relief from stress right away. From the moment they finish their first session my clients can begin tapping on and for themselves – releasing stress, self-soothing, and balancing – right when they need it. So the basic form of EFT is very easy to learn.

One of the biggest obstacles to learning how to use any energy modality is that our problems and pain often seem so big and overwhelming we think we need a complicated tool to feel better. The longer we experience pain or disappointment, the more we think we need something really powerful to combat it. In our modern world we know all about small buttons that activate really big things! For example, to drive a car you use simple techniques that are easy to apply – pushing the ignition button to start the entire engine, turning the wheel and pressing the gas or break with your foot – to make the complex automobile machine do all the work for you, to take you where you want to go.

The same is true with EFT – and most energy techniques. These tools are the keys to harnessing your own incredible, innate healing and processing mechanisms. With energy modalities as the key you can turn up your own healing release power to go wherever you want! Just as a luxury car is a powerful machine with an incredibly smooth and comfortable ride, energy work is gentle yet very powerful as well as comforting and uplifting.

Basic aspects of energy work are easy to learn and great results can be achieved with this level. Energy work is actually a series of techniques that work together to create increasingly better and more profound results. As with any skill they can take while to learn to use them competently. To develop the skill required to be an advanced practitioner, it takes years of detailed study, thorough training and supervised application and review.

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