Laws of Success

Laws of Success


in Living Harmony.

Are you just now becoming aware of concepts such as “Manifesting” or “Law of Attraction” and wonder
how you can apply these things in your own life?
Or have you been working with various techniques without your desired success,
feeling frustrated and upset because you are somehow not “getting IT?”

There’s only one real secret, one that people who have mastered the energy techniques know – an important fact that will give you some peace of mind (and bear with me, but some discomfort too):

The Law of Attraction, in fact all the Universal Laws are already working in your life!


In fact, you’ve been manifesting since the day you were born, and possibly before. How can that be, you ask, when you have lived with lack, pain, dissatisfaction, disappointment and failure?

Consider this: you may not be a physicist but if something slips out of your hand you know it will fall away from you until it reaches the floor or something else that stops it’s decent. You don’t even have to think about it, understand it or do anything to apply it. Gravity simply IS a force in our universe that works independently of anything we think, feel or do.

When we become aware of gravity, we can then begin to use it more consciously and with specific intent. But before our awareness, the rules still applied. The same is true for all the Laws of the Universe.

On the one hand this knowledge can give us some relief because we realize we’ve been using these laws intuitively all along.

“The Universe knows all things and is responding to the vibration that you are sending. When you are sending your vibration on purpose, you are orchestrating what the Universe is aligning for you.” Abraham-Hicks

Most of us love to take credit for all the good things that happen to us, or at the very least we appreciate them very much.

But what about the bad things? The things we don’t like, or that cause us pain? Did we create those things too?

There are different schools of thought as to what we are solely responsible for and what is caused by forces outside ourselves. We’re not going to be able to explain and understand all of life, at least not right now with our limited understanding. And, just like you don’t have to know how to rebuild an engine to drive a car, you really don’t have to understand everything to enjoy more peace and success right now.

You can, however, learn to use these forces in a much more conscious, clear, effective and therefore productive way!

The best part is not only can you learn how to use the Laws of the Universe more effectively to Manifest more of your desires successfully, but you will also learn how to manifest more easily, effectively and best of all…automatically!

Imagine how peaceful and wonderful life will be to experience when you are not constantly using every ounce of effort you have pointlessly forcing an issue, trying to overcome the impossible, or having to spend your precious time fixing mistakes, disappointments and failures?

Man, alone, has the power to transform his thoughts into physical reality; man, alone, can dream and make his dreams come true.”

Napoleon Hill

Instead, you’ll be able to use your Personal Power to generate massive, effective vibrational harmony attracting to you all the resources, experiences and people you need and desire to live your best life in Living Harmony.

So just how do YOU learn to Manifest In Living Harmony?

Jack Canfield, Author, Chicken Soup for The Soul and star manifesting expert of The Secret advised eager audience members on the Oprah show that self-help programs often make manifesting sound magical, that one need only envision their dream and voila it will appear. Instead, he confirms, while we do have to employ simple techniques such as visualization, most often these techniques alone won’t help us succeed in creating what we desire. He urged,

“Here’s an important point that doesn’t get said when we have just a little bit of time…that many of the beliefs that are blocking you guys are unconscious, you’re not even aware of them. And so that’s why things like meditation, and therapy…Emotional Freedom Technique…we could list a lot of different things that help you get in touch with the unconscious things that are blocking you. It’s kinda like you’re sending out a signal that says ‘I want a perfect man,’ but some experience like when you were five years old and Bobby Smith down the road didn’t invite you to be in his club is still in there going ‘but a perfect man wouldn’t like me’ and you don’t even know you are thinking that thought. So at some level that’s why the deeper work that we don’t even talk about when we don’t have the time…you’ve got to find some method to do that whatever it might be.”

In order to manifest successfully, we simply need to release the energy blocks and change our underlying beliefs. As we release these blocks and improve our underlying beliefs, our vibrational frequency transforms and we begin to resonate in harmony with our desires, attracting them, drawing them into our current realty.

The challenge with “manifesting” is a confusing irony: the moment we determine something we want to attract or create, we have also positioned our attention squarely on the fact that we don’t have, or lack, that which we desire. In doing so, we actually begin to create more lack of the very thing (and often related things) that we want! The “trick” is to not really need or want the thing you wish to have, in fact, the real secret is to know you already have it. And there is the challenge – how can you not want what you want? It may seem impossible, but there are actually reliable ways to achieve this state, most often called detachment. When you can get to that point, you’ll manifest things quicker, easier and in much more abundance. You’ll be magnetically attractive to all you desire and more.

Are you easily creating your intended manifestations?

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If not, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief in the knowledge that you are not destined to fail, too dumb to get it, or somehow or another meant to live in misery watching others create what you desire.

Too often we get caught up in what is…a resignation of sorts to what has to be, which when continued long enough turns into regret and hopelessness. We forget that we are manifesting every moment of every day, and that though the new day and our environments look almost identical to the last we’ve actually manifested it! We’re so good at manifesting THIS current reality that we take it for granted. We assume, incorrectly, that things “just happen” and that everything around us, and in us for that matter, are stagnant fixtures. The reality is that you can manifest an entirely new reality…tomorrow. But turning our lives around is like trying to turn around an ocean liner whose engines are on in reverse with just a long rope, as we swim madly against the tide.

Today we are living the consequences, the results of ALL our yesterdays. Not just the yesterday in which we decided to “learn how to manifest” or ask for something new. The waves of our former intentions can either propel us forward into our desired new reality, or they can wash over us roughly as we fight against them struggling to disengage ourselves from the negative results we created mostly without conscious intention.

We wouldn’t even think of trying to maneuver an ocean liner with just our own physical power, unless that meant turning the control switches on the navigation panels! So why do we insist on pushing ourselves with just our conscious mind and forcing our way through life only to be surprised that we’re exhausted, frustrated and still living the realities we don’t really want?

With all that former energy rushing over us like crashing waves, constantly keeping us stuck in the reality we wish to leave behind, it’s often nearly impossible for us to keep our intention positively focused, and our vibrational frequency tuning up to meet and harmonize with our desired intention. But with the right energy management tools, we can not only turn the tide, we can hop aboard our own ocean liners and sail right through to our dreams!

After years of being unhappy, unhealthy, unproductive, unsuccessful and feeling unloved myself, I sought out to learn how to successfully apply my own energies, and how to use the Laws of the Universe to Manifest productively, abundantly and prosperously. Now I experience new and more wonderful miracles every day!

How will I know if Energy Work will work for me?2022-07-25T15:40:56-04:00

When we ask “will this work for me” we’re often asking because in either pain or confusion or both, we’re looking for something or someone outside of ourselves to fix our problems or make our dreams come true. We might also ask this question because we’ve tried so much already and either made small progress or nothing worked.

The answer is it isn’t energy work that makes our problems go away or our dreams come true. Energy modalities such as EFT Tapping, Feng Shui, Aromatherapy and more help us make the shifts and releases in our energy system, releasing our blocks effectively so that we can keep taking effective action and making effective choices which all work together to change our lives.

When we keep working in this effective manner, we learn the truth that it is we who actually make our dreams come true and with our tools and support we can!

When will I start seeing results?2022-05-02T13:16:30-04:00

Right from our first session my clients report feeling calmer and having a confidence they can heal whatever it is they’ve struggled with. Sometimes clients have immediate and complete shifts so that they feel their problems are completely resolved in just one session or even one round. Gary Craig, the founder of Emotional Freedom Techniques, called these experiences “one-minute-wonders” and they are amazing. When this happens it’s very exciting and encouraging.

Most of our life challenges are comprised of many “aspects” and their root causes can be from a variety of sources. We often know we have a bit of clearing to do before we really start to see significant changes. Each clearing frees up stuck energy which helps us feel better and stronger. We have more power to do the job at hand. And as we clear one issue another often rises up to take it’s place. This can feel very daunting if we don’t know what’s happening, and if we don’t understand how to consciously manifest our desires.

It’s important to learn that your subconscious, ego, inner child, higher self, all aspects of you are actually there to support you but sometimes the programs they are running are old, outdated or just simply negative. Change programming and you’ll get very different and often much better outcomes! The truth is our subconscious and other parts are always responding to what we ask for and tell them. When we seek to release ourselves from pains, past and present, our subconscious will begin bringing these bits of stuck energy to our conscious attention not to make us feel worse or hopeless but because it’s saying “here, here’s the next bit to release, to heal!” Our job is to keep working through all that is brought up which brings us closer and closer to making our dreams our reality!

Here’s some fantastic news: we do not have to clear everything negative we have ever felt, thought or experienced in order to have the life we want. We simply need to clear whatever is related to our desired outcome. This is the most efficient way to use energy modalities to help us heal what we specifically need and it’s usually a fairly fast and clear process. Most helpful is the sense of confidence we begin experiencing as we work our way through our steps.

How hard is it to learn EFT and the Energy Work you teach?2022-07-25T15:15:13-04:00

My clients learn basic EFT from their very first session! Most people feel a little something with their very first experience. Even beginners happily describe relief from stress right away. From the moment they finish their first session my clients can begin tapping on and for themselves – releasing stress, self-soothing, and balancing – right when they need it. So the basic form of EFT is very easy to learn.

One of the biggest obstacles to learning how to use any energy modality is that our problems and pain often seem so big and overwhelming we think we need a complicated tool to feel better. The longer we experience pain or disappointment, the more we think we need something really powerful to combat it. In our modern world we know all about small buttons that activate really big things! For example, to drive a car you use simple techniques that are easy to apply – pushing the ignition button to start the entire engine, turning the wheel and pressing the gas or break with your foot – to make the complex automobile machine do all the work for you, to take you where you want to go.

The same is true with EFT – and most energy techniques. These tools are the keys to harnessing your own incredible, innate healing and processing mechanisms. With energy modalities as the key you can turn up your own healing release power to go wherever you want! Just as a luxury car is a powerful machine with an incredibly smooth and comfortable ride, energy work is gentle yet very powerful as well as comforting and uplifting.

Basic aspects of energy work are easy to learn and great results can be achieved with this level. Energy work is actually a series of techniques that work together to create increasingly better and more profound results. As with any skill they can take while to learn to use them competently. To develop the skill required to be an advanced practitioner, it takes years of detailed study, thorough training and supervised application and review.

You can learn to effectively apply Universal Law in your own life. Check out some of my most popular programs to learn how:

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