Cat Stone Amazing Life in Living Harmony

After a decade of painful paralysis and a lifetime of loneliness and pain, this picture represents all the magical things I created once I learned HOW to use my energy. The adoration I feel for my husband shines more brightly than my beautiful rings! The ease, prosperity and fun we enjoy skiing was once a dream I dared not have. Now this joy is my daily life!

Happy. Loving your AMAZING Life.

Impossible? I thought so too. Loving my glamorous New York City fashion career I’d worked so hard to create, a traumatic fall ruptured half the discs in my neck paralyzing me from neck to hips for 10 years. Some of the best doctors in New York City told me nothing could be done. Doomed to suffer constant physical pain and emotional agony, I felt paralyzed in every way. Too young to accept this terrible fate, I searched for years to find something that might give me some relief.

When I finally discovered essential oils, I was so grateful they helped me create some relief in my heart and mind. But it was when I combined EFT Tapping with my oils things really began to shift. In just a few sessions I felt a profound peace. In just two months, miraculously my neck healed! As I continued to work with these gentle yet powerful tools, longstanding issues dissolved and my whole life transformed.

Magically…I healed my life!

My passion for teaching these methods ignited. I poured all I learned for you into Living Harmony ™ – my proven system for intentional Conscious Manifesting and Wellbeing. If I can learn to heal and create a magical life, I know you can too. Why am I so certain?

It’s not my advanced-level credentials earned over 30 years training with the masters, nor my 25 years of being an energy practitioner, consultant and speaker teaching thousands around the world that give me such confidence. It’s about results!

The real secret that’s often missed is while releasing pain feels good, feeling better isn’t enough to make the life you desire manifest in reality. To live the life you desire you must learn how to create it for yourself. If you don’t, pain will become your permanent state. You start believing the lie that you aren’t worthy, meant to be happy or successful.

The TRUTH is you are powerful enough to create and live your dreams!

You were drawn here to learn how to harness all the power within and around you to release painful blocks and to learn how to actually create what you desire.

When you’re ready, I’m honored and thrilled to teach you!

in Living Harmony,

Let’s Work Together
Cat Stone Amazing Life in Living Harmony

After a decade of painful paralysis and a lifetime of loneliness and pain, this picture represents all the magical things I created once I learned HOW to use my energy. The adoration I feel for my husband shines more brightly than my beautiful rings! The ease, prosperity and fun we enjoy skiing was once a dream I dared not have. Now this joy is my daily life!

You could be successfully using self-applied, powerfully effective and gentle tools to release stress and blocks,
for good.

You could be successfully using self-applied, powerfully effective and gentle tools to release stress and blocks,
for good.

You could be executing your personalized strategy to systematically release blocks, aligning your vibration with
your inevitable success.

It’s time you learn the truth:

You are the Magic!

Ready to Learn HOW to harness all Your Power and the Power of the Universe to live the life you love…in Living Harmony?

Whether you’re excited to create something amazing or desperately want to find relief, experts say look within to find all you need. But how can that be when all you find is more pain, frustration and relentless unanswered questions?

Actually, it’s essential to look outside ourselves for the guidance and methods we need to create what we desire. Yet we’re quickly disappointed because what seems helpful at first is often incomplete or untrue. After endless struggle and efforting yet not creating what we want, we start assuming we aren’t meant to have or be what we desire. It seems other people get to enjoy the love, abundance, prosperity, security and success we yearn to create. We know something’s wrong but we can’t figure it out. Eventually our pain causes us to believe what’s wrong is…ourselves.

The TRUTH: you are more powerful than you can know and more than you’ll ever need!
Your dreams aren’t there to make you suffer, they are yours for the creating!

But you must learn HOW. Life is hard until you understand. Balance is bogus! No one can be positive all the time, in fact our biology prevents it. Our lives are a series of ebbs and flows, ups and downs. And the reality is there are some things that can’t be changed or fixed. These pains and difficulties can cause confusion and stuck energy too. You see how all this stuck energy can block and derail us which is why you need to learn ways to let it all go, for real because…

EVERYTHING you ever wanted is just on the other side of letting go.

Each release of stuck energy from your pains – past and present – sends ripples of healing change throughout your life and beyond! As you continue to free yourself new energy flows to and through you supporting the creative change you seek. In this open state, you’re finally ready to receive. Being able to release as you need means you can sail through life managing the waves and the lulls peacefully. However, to truly live your amazing life you must also learn how to release your desires and dreams effectively so the Universe can co-create our magical life with you!

It’s no accident that you landed here. Something inside you is searching for the ways you can finally break free and be happy. I teach people and groups tools they can use themselves to manage their own feelings, thoughts and actions, in fact…all their energies known and unknown, so they can break free from endless disappointment and struggle so they can consciously manifest their desires for real.

Whatever you want to create or change, even if nothing’s worked before, you’re about to learn how. You really can Tap Into the Power™…your OWN magical power to harness all the energy you need from within and all around to finally create the life you love…in Living Harmony™!

My Approach
Firmly rooted in ancient wisdom and anchored in cutting-edge science, these are some of my favorite state-of-the-art modalities. Click the icons to learn more and visit “My Approach” to discover how I combine these energy modalities and more to help you learn to realize your dreams in…Living Harmony.

Ready to live your amazing life?

 Here are a few of the exciting subjects my clients love mastering. Click on the images to learn more and get started today!



Lose the weight, Gain your Life! Learn to release the stuck energy that keeps you suffering deprivation and endless struggle so you can align your energetic self with the physical wellbeing you love.
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Stop the endless struggle to create financial and career success that never manifests. Learn how to harness the power within and all around you to easily manifest success, for real!
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Actor, Artist, Author...Singer, Song Writer, Stylist...whatever "brush" you use, learn how to release your blocks so you can go from barely surviving to abundantly thriving.
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Release the Stress...Enjoy the Dress! No matter your style or challenges, you can consciously create your stress-less dream wedding and a lifetime of loving joy for you and your beloved.
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Whether we’ve lost a loved-one, beloved pet or a cherished dream, loss can create an ongoing cycle of painful stuck energy. Learn gentle yet powerful energy tools to release pains, past and present.
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Connect and bond with pets on the deepest level possible to create a loving, happy and healthy home for all. Energy modalities are gentle and effective behavioral training tools you can use at home.
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Kind words…

“Over the past two decades Cathleen and I have embarked upon many sessions of brainstorming, problem-solving, troubleshooting, universe exploring, soul searching, recipe trading, ski adventure comparing, and far beyond.

Her deep and expansive knowledge on all areas from Energy Healing, to principles of Classical Chinese Medicine and Philosophy, to Quantum Physics, to historical Celtic lore, to Nutrition and Fitness, to Feng Shui, to all elements of Spirituality, and especially her remarkable empathy and compassion is truly inspiring. Her powerful skill set, her unbridled enthusiasm, her very presence has helped me to be a better healthcare provider, teacher, athlete, and, I think most importantly, human being. I wholeheartedly recommend to everyone to have a session, actually many sessions with Cathleen.”

Joseph DelGiodice, L.AC., CH, ND

“Cat’s one of my favorite people and wisest humans in the world. Seriously. Mentor, beauty, and absolutely amazing human. And let’s just say she knows what’s she’s talking about. For years and years I found myself searching for someone or some place I could get practical tools to create the life that I wanted. Everything seemed so esoteric or unreachable, until Cat walked into my life. The way she helped me to navigate the waters of life not only made me a happier person, but enabled me to be a better actress. When you’re not afraid of your feelings because you know how to work through them, you can experience life so much more fully. I wouldn’t be here – in my career, in my marriage, in my life – without her.

Anjali Bhimani, Award-Winning Actor, Author and Creator of I Am Funsize podcast

“Cathleen is the Queen of positive thinking! Her skill at showing you what you can become and eliminating self-imposed limitations is unmatched in my knowledge. Too many of us place limits on what we are able to achieve, Cathleen opens your eyes to these limits and reveals the unlimited possibility of success. Additionally, Cathleen has great practical skills. It is my pleasure to recommend Cathleen to you in your quest to get to the next level.”

Jason Byrnes, President, Interim Healthcare of Syracuse, Inc.
“EFT is a magnificent technique and Cathleen is a very skilled and experienced practitioner with a gentle and caring manner.”
Lindsay Wagner, Emmy-Award Winning Actress, Author and Advocate
“Without hesitation, I can say that Cathleen is one of the most gifted healing energy practitioners I’ve ever known. She uses her intuition as skillfully as a master baker wields a pastry knife – slicing directly to the core issue (that is most critical for rapid transformation), while making the transition as grace-filled as you could ever imagine! Cathleen is also delightfully fun and entertaining. This, of course, makes tough personal development issues and obstacles more enjoyable and simply easier to conquer!”
Anisa Aven, TurnKey Coaching & Development Solutions

“I have been working with Cathleen for years now. Not only is she excellent at what she does but she is extremely intuitive and gets to the heart of the matter quickly. Since working with her I have published two best selling books on Amazon, doubled my business and continue to expand to a new audience with various new products. I highly recommend her. I cannot express just how extremely thankful for her overwhelming support, her extreme integrity and the steps that she has helped me to take in my business and my life.”

JennaLee Galliccio, Best-Selling Author and Certified Seperation Anxiety Trainer, All Star Paws Dog Training
“Cathleen’s services are an essential part of my business. My company profit quadrupled in just the 2 years that I began working on my business with Cathleen. I began working with her on a personal level & then began sessions on MTL Communications. Knowing that every part of your life will impact your business, working with someone who can work with you on all aspects makes perfect sense for me–and the results speak for themselves. Thank you Cathleen and I look forward to the many years to come working with you. If you are looking to make your life better I highly recommend you start working with Cathleen & in Living Harmony.”
Melisa Tropeano , CEO, MTL Communications Group
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