Case Study: Mother Slims Without Workouts

Releasing Stress and Self-Criticism with EFT

One of my favorite recent success stories with weight is very near and dear to my heart. It is about Nancy, one of my good friends. She’s just a terrific woman and a fabulous mother. But as with many women these EFT Helps Mother Slim Downdays, my friend had her baby later in life, towards the end of her thirties. She’s just accepted the “fact” that her body would not recover in the same way a 20-year-old’s would. To add to that, as she ages she’ll become even less physically fit.

Nancy and I began working together using EFT to clear some pressing emotional issues and had great success. So we began to use EFT as a terrific tool to help her regain her health and fitness.

At that time she felt completely unattractive, was at least 4 sizes overweight and advised me that she’s never been really thin. She said that being overweight and unattractive had felt like a 10+ in intensity on a scale of 0 to 10, and was now very painful for her.

During our next few sessions we discussed how clearing emotional baggage would be a tremendous tool in losing weight, because she’d be losing the emotional burden that was showing up physically.

With each session she seemed lighter and lighter, and thus happier.

As she made progress, she asked me to design a specific series of sessions directly addressing weight loss, and more importantly optimal physical fitness. We worked together for another 8 sessions and covered topics including her internal programming, emotional cravings, desire for and enjoyment of exercise and all the other topics that underscore success in physical fitness. Each session built upon the last, but of course cleared independent issues as well.

The results are simply stunning…as is she!

Her results to date are:

  • she consistently loses 2 to 4 pounds each week!
  • even while having company for an entire week, eating out and just “forgetting” she continued to lose weight!
  • she is no longer even able to eat when she’s upset or bored … she simply finds food unappetizing at those times and seeks to do something about her emotions, something constructive, like tapping … and she finds that even more comforting!
  • she’s got energy to spare and loves playing in extended play sessions with her 4-year-old!
  • her intimate life with her husband has drastically improved – she’s frisky and he’s not asking questions!

While the sessions followed fairly basic formats reviewing each area of fitness, one session in particular was especially difficult. We’d gotten more than halfway through all the obvious issues when one day I asked Nancy to just go with me and let me be as blunt or strange as I was led to, she agreed readily. The language and intensity was really difficult to work with, but the results were what we wanted – a clear shift at her core. Some of the statements we used were:

Even though I’m just a great big fat pig, I eat like a pig, dress like a pig…I’m just a pig… nevertheless I choose to love accept and forgive myself.

Even though I’m a big fat baby throwing a temper tantrum that’s only hurting me, and nobody else cares anymore, nevertheless I still love accept and forgive myself.

Even though I’m totally lazy, making excuses for myself so I can stay fat and safe and unhappy, I choose now to release these patterns and love accept and forgive myself.

The most exciting aspect of her results is that even while she’s working toward her goal, she feels pretty and attractive. On a scale of 0 to 10, she has gone from a negative 10, to a positive 8 on feeling pretty and being motivated. And best of all the only exercise she’s doing is a 15-20 minute stretching/yoga program I advised her to do at home! Oh and of course her own personal gym: her 4 year old!

There are plenty of mothers who chase after their toddlers and never lose the weight they gained during pregnancy. Just having an active child is not enough. So the only thing she attributes her success to is the strategic and consistent use of EFT!

We accept so many “truths” in our society: over 40, must mean flabby. Had a few babies? Then say goodbye to your waist, etc. With EFT we simply DON’T have to accept these programs any longer. Better still, we can change our own programming to help us create and support healthy and fit bodies…no matter what age.

This article was first published on Gary Craig’s original EFT web site featuring this lovely introduction written by Gary:

“Achieving a slender body often has more to do with emotional issues than it does with eating. Interestingly, if we resolve the emotional issues, proper eating tends to fall into place naturally. This is clearly shown in Cathleen Campbell’s well written article.”

I thought my feelings would be fixed if I lost weight, which I did a few times, but the weight would always come back. Turns out it was the other way around! Once I released my feelings the weight came off, for good. Cathleen helped me release my painful feelings and my negative thoughts, and taught me how to keep doing it for myself with EFT Tapping. It took me awhile, but I was able to finally let go of all this weight I’d been carrying around since my divorce. I feel great both in my body and my heart!”

Susan F. , Entrepreneur

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