Case Study: Law of Attraction for Sales Success

EFT Releases Fear and Opens the Mind to All Universal Laws

Since the release of The Secret (a movie extolling the virtues of the Law of Attraction), many of my clients have questioned having to do any kind of clearing work, especially with regard to business issues that don’t seem LOA is Part of Universal Lawso pressing or so traumatic. They have been converted to a new religion of “just feeling good” and their wishes will come true.

But for the majority of people who have a product or service to sell, eventually, either sooner or later, we will ALL have to speak to someone that we do not know and have not pre-qualified. And even if you don’t pick up the phone yourself, that’s still going to bring up all issues related to and underlying a fear of cold-calling.

My client, Tom, is a terrific young guy, really eager and anxious to do well in his current job and overall career. He works for a small company, family owned, and has been there for a few years. His employer and coworkers really love Tom and his dedicated but fun nature.

Like most people with underlying stuck energy around the subject of sales, he spends most of his time on the aspects of his job he can controlโ€”management reports, meetings, accounting. He’ll fill his day with anything but going on a cold call. In fact, he spends most of his day working with current clients rather than even attempting to work with the warm leads his department already has on file!

When we spoke about cold calling for the first time, he stated that his company has enough warm leads to keep them busy. “Really,” he tried to convince me, โ€œthe sales just make themselves. In fact, we’re more of a customer service department rather than a sales department.”

So if his department is supposed to only do customer service, I prompted him, then why would he be called a sales rep? Why is a big part of his salary based on commissions? And why were those warm leads not just falling into his lap as closed accounts?

We spent time clearing all the various aspects of sales including negative preconceived notions about how sales are intrusive or resented. And then the really big nugget of rationalization came through: Tom was secretly trying to apply “the secret.”

The only trouble was that Tom had all these nuggets of stuck energy around the concept of sales, his Law of Attraction (LOA) work was doing the opposite of what he wanted! In fact, he was attracted to what he feared most: no sales.

The Law of Attraction doesn’t just start the moment we become aware of it.Rather, we’re always attracting what we are vibrating.

And unless we clear the stuck energy and underlying negative programming around what we want to attract, we simply will keep manifesting what resonates with our stuck energy, not what we are working on in any Law of Attraction program.

Once Tom realized this, he was eager to clear his stuck energy, especially around the topic of using the Law of Attraction, because, as many novice “manifesters” do, he’d begun to become resentful that it wasn’t working for him. We cleared things like:

Even though I’ve been fooling myself that I could just think a thing and it would come true because I believed all the new books and tapes that have become wildly popular, and now I feel like those people lied to me and I resent their claims, nevertheless, I choose to love, accept and forgive myself and them because we were all doing the best we could.

Even though I didn’t realize that LOA is only one step in the entire manifesting process, and my fear of sales and especially cold calling made me want to believe it would be that easy, I choose to see that once I clear my fears, while there’s more effort needed on my part, sales actually can be easy and I can use the LOA to support my actions too, because I do love, accept and forgive myself.

Even though I only want to do the parts of my job that I feel comfortable doing, and my subconscious mind is helping protect me by making me think I’m far too busy to do sales, I choose now to love, accept and forgive myself and I now direct my subconscious mind to release all the distractions that keep me from creating the income I can have by working at the sales aspect of my job in correct proportion to all the other work I have.

Slowly over a period of a few weeks, Tom began to report small victories such as having spoken to a few new people who had reached out to his company first and turned them into warmer leads, or having increased sales with already existing clients. Pretty soon, Tom was beginning to make actual cold calls and getting the people he talked to interested in learning more.

So often we want immediate and stellar results, and our subconscious minds allow us to use the lack of those quick and dramatic results as evidence that our efforts aren’t working. But Tom understands that he’s planting seeds, weeding, nurturing, and fertilizing his garden. He’s prepared to watch and tend as his garden grows into the mature crop it simply must become one day.

The important thing to note is that Tom’s overall commissions have grown steadily and in a clearly noticeable amount. His employer is really pleased with his new results. He’s happy that his efforts, both the energy work and his actual daily application of the tools he’s learnedโ€”including now the Law of Attractionโ€”are quite literally paying off!

Most of the time, we are really smart. It’s difficult for smart people to have stuck energy because their minds are so actively trying to figure out what’s wrong. But once they realize that they have a bit of work to do, and get right down to clearing whatever’s blocking them, the changes are often dramatic. One of the best results is that they can let go of the feeling that “if I’m so smart, why am I not more successful?”

I’m especially proud to say that with the rare exception of those who didn’t do their homework (simple things like tapping for themselves between sessions), my clients from 2007 have all advised me that their year-end figures show anywhere from 60% to a whopping 500% increase in sales!

EFT truly is the profitable sales professional’s Success Secret!

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This useful article by Cathleen Campbell addresses some standard sales barriers. It requires a knowledge of the Law of Attraction to get the most out of it.

“Over the past few years I’ve wasted thousands of dollars and hours trying to learn how to do the Law of Attraction. Every seminar, book or coach I hired made me feel like an idiot for not getting it. A friend suggested that Cat was actually the go-to person, a secret weapon. I was skeptical but right from the very first session she blew my mind, she really knows her stuff! She’s got real world corporate success behind her knowledge of the energy stuff, and she knows how to pull it all together. She also knows how to make you stop feeling duped. It was only a few months before I noticed my numbers weren’t hit or miss they were steadily rising. My boss noticed too. The best thing is I know exactly what I did to make that happen, so I can keep making it happen. If you really want to be successful you have to get Cat Stone to teach you how.”

Tom Z. , Entrepreneur

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