My clients learn basic EFT from their very first session! Most people feel a little something with their very first experience. Even beginners happily describe relief from stress right away. From the moment they finish their first session my clients can begin tapping on and for themselves – releasing stress, self-soothing, and balancing – right when they need it. So the basic form of EFT is very easy to learn.

One of the biggest obstacles to learning how to use any energy modality is that our problems and pain often seem so big and overwhelming we think we need a complicated tool to feel better. The longer we experience pain or disappointment, the more we think we need something really powerful to combat it. In our modern world we know all about small buttons that activate really big things! For example, to drive a car you use simple techniques that are easy to apply – pushing the ignition button to start the entire engine, turning the wheel and pressing the gas or break with your foot – to make the complex automobile machine do all the work for you, to take you where you want to go.

The same is true with EFT – and most energy techniques. These tools are the keys to harnessing your own incredible, innate healing and processing mechanisms. With energy modalities as the key you can turn up your own healing release power to go wherever you want! Just as a luxury car is a powerful machine with an incredibly smooth and comfortable ride, energy work is gentle yet very powerful as well as comforting and uplifting.

Basic aspects of energy work are easy to learn and great results can be achieved with this level. Energy work is actually a series of techniques that work together to create increasingly better and more profound results. As with any skill they can take while to learn to use them competently. To develop the skill required to be an advanced practitioner, it takes years of detailed study, thorough training and supervised application and review.