Right from our first session my clients report feeling calmer and having a confidence they can heal whatever it is they’ve struggled with. Sometimes clients have immediate and complete shifts so that they feel their problems are completely resolved in just one session or even one round. Gary Craig, the founder of Emotional Freedom Techniques, called these experiences “one-minute-wonders” and they are amazing. When this happens it’s very exciting and encouraging.

Most of our life challenges are comprised of many “aspects” and their root causes can be from a variety of sources. We often know we have a bit of clearing to do before we really start to see significant changes. Each clearing frees up stuck energy which helps us feel better and stronger. We have more power to do the job at hand. And as we clear one issue another often rises up to take it’s place. This can feel very daunting if we don’t know what’s happening, and if we don’t understand how to consciously manifest our desires.

It’s important to learn that your subconscious, ego, inner child, higher self, all aspects of you are actually there to support you but sometimes the programs they are running are old, outdated or just simply negative. Change programming and you’ll get very different and often much better outcomes! The truth is our subconscious and other parts are always responding to what we ask for and tell them. When we seek to release ourselves from pains, past and present, our subconscious will begin bringing these bits of stuck energy to our conscious attention not to make us feel worse or hopeless but because it’s saying “here, here’s the next bit to release, to heal!” Our job is to keep working through all that is brought up which brings us closer and closer to making our dreams our reality!

Here’s some fantastic news: we do not have to clear everything negative we have ever felt, thought or experienced in order to have the life we want. We simply need to clear whatever is related to our desired outcome. This is the most efficient way to use energy modalities to help us heal what we specifically need and it’s usually a fairly fast and clear process. Most helpful is the sense of confidence we begin experiencing as we work our way through our steps.