Case Study: EFT Helps Dog Release Toxins

EFT for Pets Can Clear the Way to A New Level of Wellbeing

Having written you about my own anaphylactic shock experience with fertilizer, I now submit another story about that same fertilizer but on a different family member: Honey the dog. EFT for Pets

Honey’s always had “allergies”, and was even diagnosed at a very young age with canine epilepsy. A pit bull mix, she’s truly a sweet-natured dog; both shy and gentle. While irritated, red skin and hives are a fairly regular event for her. She never complains though she’s apt to scratch and chew herself quite a bit.

The day following my own horrific reaction to the fertilizer I had a moment of clarity, no doubt brought on by all of the EFT clearing the day before. Our beloved dog’s severe hives and irritated skin was not just her usual allergy, she was in fact suffering from the same toxic reaction I’d had in acute form the afternoon before!

Since it was winter, Honey’s the only one to have her bare skin exposed to the lawn – other than myself for that brief nap in the sun the afternoon before. Everyone else had been wearing shoes whenever walking the lawn, which explains why we were the only two to have a toxic reaction. Armed with this intuitive insight, and the success of my EFT work the night before, I decided to get to work on Honey.

I called Honey over to me and asked her to lie down while I tapped on both the center of her head and chest.

Almost immediately she released a deep sigh and lay down completely, fully stretched out on her side.

The way she completely released was a clear sign that tension was leaving her body and she was accepting the aid of the EFT work.

I continued to tap along her spine and in combination with her head and chest, all the while repeating some of the very same set-up phrases used for myself the day before, including:

  • these painful hives

  • this burning skin

  • these horrible cramps

As I tapped, more realizations came over me and I now realized the seizures and vomiting she’d begun experiencing the last few weeks were not due to the epilepsy – which had not been a real issue for quite some time. It wasn’t until I began tapping that I realized she had exhibited all the same symptoms I had, just spread out over a few weeks. So I continued with even more vigor:

  • this sick feeling in my stomach

  • this toxic reaction to the fertilizer and herbicides

  • these seizures

The entire session took about 20 minutes during which she was increasingly calmer and more relaxed. Upon conclusion she got up, tail wagging, and beckoned toward the patio door. That walk was quite revealing! Just as my own body had finally expelled toxins the night before after some serious EFT tapping, poor little Honey … well, she had her own expelling session. She relieved herself several times, with the production being copious and including quite a bit of mucus, not at all “normal” production for her.

We all noted that Honey’s eyes were clearer that evening, and she resumed normal dog activities. Her scratching and biting subsided and she remained calmer for the remainder of the holidays. Clearly, that poor dog was having a toxic reaction just as I had the afternoon before. Though her symptoms were not as overwhelmingly severe as mine were, we now realize that she was in fact exhibiting all of the same symptoms.

Most important to note is that it has now been 6 weeks since Honey has had a seizure or vomited! This case is a clear documentation of everything we know about EFT:

EFT worked where other methods had failed. Over the previous weeks, Honey had been given her epilepsy medicine and some creams to help heal her skin, but they had not had any impact.

It does not rely on intellectual understanding. Honey’s smart but she was not cognitively involved in our session!

EFT clearly works effectively on its own. It was the only modality used in this case, no drugs or other interventions were given!

Since I knew the exact issue, using EFT I was able to systematically and efficiently clear each aspect of the problem until TOTAL relief was achieved!

Without the intervention of EFT, we’ll never know … but we may not have survived this toxic reaction.

We’re both truly grateful, and of course our family is grateful that two of their beloved members can still wag our respective tails!

This article was first published on Gary Craig’s original EFT web site featuring this lovely introduction written by Gary:

“Newcomers to EFT often ask, ‘Hey, how do I use EFT for animals?’ Cathleen Campbell gives us her procedure for doing so in her well written article. Please note her list of 4 EFT features near the end. They serve as good perspective for us all.”


Whether an emergency situation or an ongoing health challenge, it’s best to seek the care of a qualified veterinarian or medical professional first.

“Our dog, Honey, suffered from a few medical conditions and was seen regularly by our awesome vet so we never dreamed the lawn was making her worse until Cat suggested she do her EFT directly on her. In the days after Cat worked on her, we noticed Honey was more like her younger, healthier self and she had less allergies. Never again did she suffer with terrible rashes or being ill after laying on the lawn. EFT is a miracle!”

Honey, Beloved Family Dog

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