Case Study: Kick in the Gut Pressure of Overwhelm

EFT Helps Release the Pressure of Stress

Mary had worked with me for just a few sessions when she came in looking distressed. Perhaps we’d come to a deeper issue, I thought as we began. But she advised otherwise. She said that she would probably not be EFT to Release the Pressure of Stress much fun today, not be her usual self at all because she was getting uncomfortable and was actually pretty sure now, she had to go to the doctor. Her gall bladder which had given her a real fright about ten years earlier and was “always a bit of a problem”… had finally, it seemed, begun to give way and she was pretty sure it was time for it to come out.

She feared an operation but after all, she noted, almost everyone she knew had either had theirs removed or knew a family member who had done so. It was “common” and understandable. Well you can imagine what we did with that one!

I suggested to Mary that we just focus on the gall bladder issue and let it guide us through whatever steps she needed to clear next in her journey to become financially stable. She agreed, the pain mounting as if to signal that her gall bladder knew she was ready to work on it. We first got a few benchmarks including the size and shape of the pain, the temperature of the pain, and Mary even felt around her stomach to see how tense and tight it was – noting a solid feeling area the size of a golf ball directly under her right ribs.

So we began by doing a balancing and asking her energies to get ready to clear. As usual, she began to feel a sense of peace and control seep into her consciousness. That resolved, we began to clear down her list of fears and issues about the gall bladder issue in general – the actual pain of the gall bladder attack, the fear that this time she’d need surgery…and of course we cleared that silly “but it’s normal to have your gall bladder out” belief. It’s true, gall bladder operations are fairly common, but that doesn’t make it normal or even good! It just means that it’s a problem that’s pretty prevalent.

As we tapped through all the surrounding issues Mary visibly relaxed and we began to dive in deeper. She began to shift around in her seat and stretch absentmindedly. Clearly she was releasing the tension and even more importantly the stuck energy. At one point she checked the spot under her rib and noted with astonishment that she could no longer even find the golf ball shaped hard spot!

She could feel the tension in her stomach, all over her abdomen in fact, releasing and softening.

After a half hour of tapping through all the surrounding issues, I asked Mary if she was ready to see what this issue was presenting her and she agreed that it did feel like this pain had been trying to tell her something. We started back in with this new line of questioning her subconscious:

Even though I have this gall bladder pain and I’ve had it before, I’m sure it’s trying to tell me something and though I may have seemed like I was ignoring it, I choose now to be open and willing to understanding what my body is telling me, because I love, accept and forgive myself.

Even though this gall bladder is clearly trying to get my attention and I may seem to have been ignoring it, I now direct my subconscious to connect to my super-conscious and help me manage my conscious mind and body, knowing I am safe I am now ready to understand what my gall bladder pain is pointing to in my own life, and I choose to be pleasantly surprised by how revealing this issue will allow me to easily and effortlessly release this pain.

As we began routing through all the memories and issues that arose after these revealing rounds, always rubbing the sore point and tapping along the reminders with specifics, it became clear that Mary’s feeling was one of pressure and blockage. She experienced a variety of releasing indicators including yawning and tears, and she was feeling better and better. Still, the solid-feeling pain remained.

If Mary wasn’t feeling the pressure of her bills or her job, it was the pressure to make more. If Mary wasn’t feeling blocked in creating more money, she was experiencing blocks in receiving. All the blocking and pressure had built up in her body to create a system of painful gastric experiences over and over again.

On one final and particularly animated round focused on “all this pressure,” always bringing back the concepts of her financial well-being and the physical pain she was currently experiencing Mary had a release she’d never experienced before and one that was clearly evident that we were indeed releasing the gall bladder issue: Mary belched so loud she began laughing at the enormity of the noise!

Over the course of the rest of the session, and that day actually, Mary reported releasing more and more gas and feeling better and better. She determined that the feeling of pressure she’d had but could never fully acknowledge was the root of all of her gastric issues and committed to herself that enough was enough.
With her knowledge of just how easily she could clear through emotional, psychological and now physical issues, Mary decided to work regularly on all the underlying issues that were keeping her from being at peace with her finances. She also committed to taking care of her physical health and determined it was best for her to get an annual checkup, something she’d not done in years. Finally, noting that her diet wasn’t the greatest either, she determined it was “high time” to stop treating her emotional issues by eating unhealthy fast foods high in fat and other chemicals, and to work to create a healthy diet and a happy body.

She was so relieved at the release of the pain, both emotional and physical, she said upon returning home she slept for hours and noticed after that session in particular her sleep was even more restorative.
It’s been months since that session and Mary advises she’s had no further flare-ups, which is very unusual as she’s usually plopping or popping something to help ease her discomfort. Mary says she thinks EFT worked faster, better, was longer lasting, would have far more impact than any over the counter antacid. Oh yeah, and it tastes better too!

This article was first published on Gary Craig’s original EFT web site featuring this lovely introduction written by Gary:

“Our physical ailments can show up as metaphors for other things going in our life. Cathleen Campbell discovered this with her client, Mary. Cathleen says, “As we tapped through all the surrounding issues Mary visibly relaxed and we began to dive in deeper. She began to shift around in her seat and stretch absentmindedly. Clearly she was releasing the tension and even more importantly the stuck energy.”

This article is also featured on EFT Universe.

“When I started working with Cathleen I knew I was upset about money and a few other things, but I had no idea that this mind-body thing was real. I’m so glad to have something I can do for myself for pain of any kind. What a relief to let that old sour pain go for good!”

Mary S.,

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