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Thank you for your interest in working with me. It is my honor and privilege to
support you, helping you to learn to
create more wellbeing and Living Harmony.


Most of my clients work privately with me, in a series of sessions focused on a specific goal or range of goals. We regularly learn about and how to apply a wide variety of techniques to whatever challenge or goal being worked on, individually or in concert, with Emotional Freedom Technique being the main technique used to bring it all together.


A picture really is worth a thousand words, and while this site is packed with information and resources, most people have a ton of questions when they begin working on this intangible stuff we call energy. For an idea of the types of clients and situations I work with, click here to read some illustrative client composites based on a compilation of many of my client's successful work clearing away blocks and creating their own abundance in Living Harmony.


The services I offer are provided in the formats described on this page. To learn more about specific subjects and how Living Harmony services can be applied to them, click on the nav buttons at left, or contact me with your specific questions. We’ll figure out the best way for you to benefit from these incredible tools and my services.


To get started creating in Living Harmony, please use the click-to-pay button after the service package you wish to begin with and make your payment or mail your check to the Living Harmony mailing address.


When payment is completed, please fill out the Living Harmony Coaching Request Form and follow the instructions on the form for submission.


I look forward to working with you soon!


90 Days to Living Harmony Program

What can you achieve in 90 days?  Left to our habitual energetic patterns, we can expect to be pretty much in the same place as we are now.  But clear and manage even just a tiny bit of your over-extended energies and watch as changes you thought impossible seem to manifest like magic. 

Often our greatest relief is not in merely clearing the latest crisis, but in actually creating the life, relationships and wellbeing we truly desire. 

A unique combination of clearing, installing, guided imagery, supported self-work and consistent "energy-isometrics" supports the effective application of Universal Laws, including the popular Law of Attraction, magnetizing abundant success, prosperity and wellbeing. 

Book your 90 Days program 4 sessions at a time.  Or for your greatest value and strongest commitment to your own progress, choose the 12 pack.  Scroll down for payment details, using the tele- or in-person session package as appropriate for you. 




One-on-One Private Tele-Sessions


Most of my private sessions are conducted via tele-session, as I work with clients around the world. These sessions allow for the convenience of being able to have your session right in the middle of your busy schedule, without the added pressure of travel and parking as well as the cost of gas.  Many of my local clients actually work with both in-person and tele-sessions citing that often on the phone we can "loose ourselves" in the work, and much work can be done quickly, gently and effectively. 


Sessions are one-hour long and can be scheduled weekly, or as often as available. Living Harmony tele-session fee is $125/hr, with the following session packages available:



Living Harmony Single Tele-Session $125


Living Harmony 4-Session Package $450 ($50 savings)
- package to be used within 6 weeks of purchase


Living Harmony 12-Session Package $1275 ($225 savings)
- package to be used within 4 months of purchase


One-On-One Private In-Person Sessions


Office hours are limited, and are available currently in the Hoboken office only. Please call or email for available days/hours. Sessions are one-hour long and can be scheduled weekly, or as often as available. Living Harmony in-office-session fee is $150/hr, with the following session packages available:


Living Harmony Single In-Person Session $150


Living Harmony 4-Session Package $540 ($60 savings)
- package to be used within 6 weeks of purchase


Living Harmony 12-Session Package $1530 ($270 savings)
- package to be used within 4 months of purchase


Full Day One-on-One Private Sessions


These powerful sessions can be incredibly productive and especially fulfilling for the person who wishes to focus dedicated effort in a condensed time period. Sessions can be conducted via telephone or in-person.  


Full-Day Sessions must be scheduled in advance; please call or email for available days and times.  


Full Day, Individual Private Session available at $2250*


*Travel and out-of-pocket fees additional should we agree to work outside the Living Harmony office facilities.


Couples Sessions 


There's nothing more wonderful than the feeling of being in love, and the truth is the love we feel in the beginning of a relationship really should be just the beginning.  But habits, long-held stuck energy and new crisis enter into what could be a loving and supportive relationship, turning it into a competition or worse.  The wonderful thing about energy work with couples is not just that the clearing of current challenges can easily take place, relieving stress and tension.  But more importantly, the actual underpinning of the discord can be cleared away for good, removing with it the habitual patterns of disharmony that have been the ongoing challenge.  Working together as a couple, we can learn to manage both our own energies, the energy of our partner and the energy of the couple.  Please contact me at 646-245-2345 or via email at to determine how we can teach you and your partner the tools and techniques that will allow you to truly love, unconditionally, securely and Living Harmony.


Full Day Group Sessions

While our individual energy powerfully affects our circumstances and those around us, the combined energy of a group can be an astounding force.  Learn to combine the energies of your group to increase harmonic resonance within, as well as align our energies with the group intentions, your clients and the world within you do business.  Please contact me at 646-245-2345 or via email at to discuss the strategies we can employ to align your group's energy for quick and effective group manifesting. 



Regular office hours are Monday thru Friday, 9:30 am to 5:30 pm EST. Sessions are scheduled within these hours, unless arrangements are made otherwise in advance. All sessions are pre-paid with 24 hours notice of cancellation required. Any session cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, or missed must be paid by the client.


Your session times will be arranged within 24 hours of payment. For private sessions, please use the buttons above to pay for your sessions.




If you’ve read over this site and didn’t already, now you now know your customers, business associates...even your competition can feel your energy.


You now know not consciously and positively managing all aspects of your business –BOTH the technical and the energetic - is like literally giving away business and profits.


With over 30 proven, successfully profitable years of marketing, sales and business management in retail, private sector, non-profit and now my own thriving private practice, Living Harmony teaches business clients of all kinds a uniquely unprecedented and incredibly successful combination of energy management and technical know-how.


Learning to apply best practices in everything from sales to marketing, advertising and pr, account management, product development, project and financial management, clients - while clearing and directing energies with lazar-like focus - clients learn not just the tools but the expertise in using them to produce more easily, productively and profitably in any economy.


Living Harmony provides business clients energy work, education and refinement of business skills as well as an incredible team of energetically balanced business support services including graphics, web design, marketing, pr, business and financial management, and customized services specific to their businesses.


To be considered for this program, please call or email me to discuss your business needs. We’ll explore how Living Harmony’s custom Business, Marketing and Sales Management program can support you in manifesting business success and profitable abundance and if you and your business will be a good fit for the program.




In-Person Feng Shui Space Evaluations and Clearings are scheduled on an individual basis, and fees are assessed based on size, type and location of environment. Travel costs and out-of-pocket expenses are also included in service fees, to be agreed upon and paid in advance. Please call to discuss your situation and arrange fees for this service, or email me


Feng Shui Space Evaluation & Report


Living Harmony has been providing Feng Shui services to clients worldwide via internet, mail and fax for nearly 10 years with tremendous positive results. Clients are able to implement their specific and personalized adjustments to their own spaces on their own schedule. And they value having a personalized report helping them navigate the complex and often confusing techniques of feng shui for years to come.


Clients submit sketches of environment, photos and a client questionnaire reviewing the challenges, goals and opportunities presented by each space. Clients receive one half-hour pre-evaluation tele-session, an individual personalized report (approximately 20 pages), and a half-hour follow-up session.


Feng Shui Space Evaluation & Report via email/telephone $1500





Group classes and seminars offer participants a wide range of benefits additional to the extraordinary benefits of individual sessions including camaraderie, sense of community and the ability to hear how others respond to energy work. Participants often note a heightened feeling of result as the concept of “Borrowing Benefits” often presents group participants with additional clearing energy. In other words, as participants focus on the subject of the class they will often find other issues clearing without their paying specific attention to it.


Classes are designed to be informative, supportive and most of all fun. Too often we get mired down in the serious-ness of the challenges we face, it is a joy to learn that we can clear our stuck energies and release both when we are serious and when we are enjoying ourselves.


Please see Events & Classes section for a list of current classes and costs.


To have a Living Harmony program presented to your group, or to create a new class, please review the Events page for ideas, and call or email me to discuss your specific needs.




Please send checks / money orders to:


Living Harmony

51 Newark Street, Suite 403

Hoboken, NJ 07030




EFT and the other energy techniques taught by Cathleen Campbell in Living Harmony sessions have produced remarkable results, they are still considered to be in the experimental stage so all clients and class participants must take complete responsibility for themselves and their participation in Living Harmony sessions and classes. If in doubt, please consult an appropriate licensed professional. For more information, please review the rest of this web site and check out all the links to the various resources presented.

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To view actual case examples of my EFT work, Visit the official EFT website EFT Universe.  Do a search for Cathleen Campbell to read sample case details.

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