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MANIFESTING 101: In Living Harmony


Manifesting anything you desire is as simple as following a 4-step recipe. Like any recipe: using the proper techniques and ingredients in the proper ratio, you'll always come out with a successful result. That's what a recipe is, a formula to create the same result repeatedly.

Learning to use and apply the recipe can take repeated attempts, dedication and resolve. As you work through each step, mastering each technique, your final outcome becomes more successful and consistent.

The Living Harmony formula works for me and my clients, and it will work for you too!

All you have to do to really create anything you want is follow the Living Harmony Manifesting formula:

1) Decide what you truly want.

Only your heart's truest desires will ever really come to you. You may manifest other things, but they will be fleeting, create more difficulties for you or be forever just beyond your grasp.

The challenge for most of us is that while we know what we don't want, we often don't really understand what we do want. We may say we "don't want debt." But the truth is that we just don't want the burden of debt. We'd be fine with a mortgage or other debt IF we could manage it with peace and comfort. In fact, the truth is the more wealth we create the more we may want to use the very helpful tool of debt. So telling the Universe that we don't want debt actually keeps us in lack! 

On top of not knowing our true heart's, we're not aware of the intrict and extensive web of underlying patterns held subconsciously.  We may deeply desire a loving relationship, but if somewhere in our subconsicous we hold the belief that intimacy is dangerous or undesired, we're fighting a loosing battle.  For any struggle between the conscious choice and subconscious programming, the subconscious will win...every time. 


Living Harmony sessions will help you:

  • identify what it is that your Heart truly wants
  • clear and release the negative thoughts that keep you consciously focused on what you don't want
  • identify and clear the subconscious underlying energy that prevent you from having what you desire
  • release the need to keep recreating and attracting what you don't want
  • understand the difference between a desire and a need and how to successfully manifest the solutions to both

2) Concentrate all your Energetic Resources on your desire.

What are all of your Energetic Resources? Well, the truth is that if we only had to think positively to create more of us would be living our dreams. And if we needed only to feel good, then frankly people who take recreational drugs should be living in mansions dating supermodels. It's not just what you think and feel that create your reality! You have a power beyond these two abilities.

You do, however, have to manage your thoughts and feelings properly to maintain the right vibrational frequency to be in harmony with attracting, accepting and living your dreams. That means that you have to both manage your frequencies and concentrate on what you want, not what you don't want.

Living Harmony sessions will help you:

  • Learn just what ALL your Energetic Resources are some of which you probably don't realize you even have!
  • Master the proper application of your Energies and maintain consistency
  • Support you in maintaining the proper application of your Energies consistently so you can realize successful manifesting
  • Feel your Vibrational Frequency and support you in creating the proper Vibrational Frequency in harmony with your desires so you can successfully attract into your life your true desires

3) Follow Inspired Action

It's nice to think we can use our creative energies to visualize our dreams into reality. And that is actually true, to some degree. The reality is though that we live in a tangible world that requires tangible actions. Just what actions to take require inspired guidance. And we each have our own internal guidance system called our intuition. Blocked energies and negative underlying beliefs, as well as poorly managed thoughts, feelings and current behavior patterns can cause us to become completely disconnected from our own intuition. And these blocks cause us to either take the wrong actions, or not take any action at all.

Living Harmony sessions help you:

  • Learn what Intuitive Guidance is and how to tell the difference between real intuition and false information
  • Clear the blocks to your own Intuitive Guidance
  • Release the blocks keeping you from taking Inspired, Effective Actions to manifest your intentions in your current reality

4) Release and Let Go

Once we have created our vision, applied our energetic resources and taken all the right actions, we must live by one of the most important and yet most ignored universal laws, the Law of Detachment. Once launched, we must let go of our dreams and live in a state of awaiting that is not needy or tense. For if we are attached in any way, our grip is like a closed hand stretching out seeking to be filled the universe simply can't give us what we want.

Living Harmony sessions help you:

  • Release and Let Go of limiting thoughts, feelings and the traumas that keep you bound to your past
  • Unshackle you from attachments to how your manifestations will come about
  • Launch your Intentional Manifestations with full Faith and Serenity, feeling trust and joyful equanimity


I've seen some incredible things manifested quickly by my clients and myself. And too, I've personally had to work for years to manifest something I wanted dearly. Learning to manage your energies will give you a better foundation from which to manifest, and will serve to put you in a better position for success, but it won't guarantee successful manifesting.

No one can guarantee that you will manifest whatever you wish. In fact, if anyone does give you a guarantee that if you follow their steps you will become wealthy, thin and date a supermodel run for the hills. Living Harmony sessions and products will never guarantee your actual results. Why? Because we can't know all the variables that go into creating everything in our lives, we may not be able to see that the thing we desire is not for our highest good, or that there is something even better coming along.

What we can rely on is being able to better manage our thoughts, feelings and energies both during the process of manifesting and as we live our daily lives for greater success.

That means we may not win the lottery, but in managing our energies better we'll finally get out of debt and be able to buy that house. Or we may not be able to save our marriage, but we part as friends and find a better partner for ourselves in an easy and joyful way.

In fact, I created Living Harmony not to sell the idea of manifesting or to teach some of the techniques that others are teaching, but to support smart, caring and deserving people like you in navigating the sometimes frustrating, often confusing and ultimately very rewarding process of intentional manifesting.

My back pain didn't go away in an hourly session with my EFT practitioner. But with dedicated application of manifesting and energy managing tools and the consistent support of my EFT practitioner, I DID create the impossible according to my doctors.

Then again, when I left my former position in sewing I was disappointed for a bit not to re-enter that work force. As I maintained my vibrational frequency always focused on my highest good, I was able to create an astounding new life for myself, one that was better than I ever dreamed possible.

Remember that Manifesting is a process, not an end result. The end result you are enjoying or rejecting in this present moment is actually the result of your past manifesting efforts. Learning to enjoy the process as you apply it better and better really is the ultimate goal.



Manifesting In Living Harmony sessions provide you with first the knowledge of the skills you need to develop and then support you in mastering those skills.

We can work with one or more intentions, and use tools like Emotional Freedom Technique to help you clear away the blocks that keep you stuck and create powerful new beliefs that will propel you to further and better success. 


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