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Q.  Not everyone has the ability to exist in the dream of harmonious living, some of us have to settle for what is, right?  So why Living Harmony?


A,  The term Harmony does convey a sort of peaceful calmness which seems to be unattainable in our overloaded and hectic lives, but that’s not the full definition.  The dictionary defines Harmony as the science and structure of relations, an agreement of the parts to the whole.  In fact, Harmony isn’t about lazy breezes.  True Harmony requires conscious intention and dedication.  The fruits of this effort result in a myriad of benefits including those that may feel like effortless peace.


Nature exists in harmony, evolving, growing, feeding into itself.  This continual effort appears most often to our conscious eyes easy and unforced.  We over simplify and negate the power in nature except in cases of extreme consequences. 

But Harmony exists in nature because of a constant, structured balance, an agreement of the whole, each part always working step-by-step in a powerful symphony continually creating an ever new reality. 


There are those who speak of balance, and those who speak against it.  The truth is our world is always ebbing and flowing, there is no balance except in a fleeting moment.  There is always, however, a dance between one and another, a give and a take.  When we feel overloaded, unhappy and unproductive, chances are we have misunderstood the equation and are attempting to achieve the unachievable, balance. 

As for settling, I'm afraid I must disagree with that concept entirely:  for having endured almost a decade of chronic, intense pain and partial paralysis I manifested a full healing of that injury...and have gone on to learn how to ski!  I've also gone from the perpetually single girl to consciously manifesting the love of my life and an amazing real life filled with affection, romance, joy and abundance.  To me, there are no limits and in fact what we perceive as a limiation is just an invitation to discover the key so you can consciously open to abundance and successes you never knew possible.


Harmony however is more than achievable, it is our natural state of being.  Harmony is how everything meaningful has ever come into being. 

And of course Living refers to being alive, which means thriving.  Anything not in the process of blossoming is in the process of ceasing to exist. 

Living Harmony is the continual operating in natural state, all parts coming together in agreement for the abundance of the whole. 


Q.  So if our natural state is Living Harmony, then why am I and so many all feeling unable to create the life we want, feeling the overwhelm and lack that seems so pervasive?


A.  Well, the first clue is the absolute of the question.  Talk about our monkey minds dragging us around!  No matter what the time or circumstances in history it’s just not true that "everyone" experiences lack, or that we experience it in the same ways.  During the Great Depression, millions were lost but new millionaires were made as well.  And during these "difficult economic times" more new millionaires will emerge as well.  We’ve got a lot of misperceptions going on that create the negative experiences many of us are living today.  Take for example the “work hard” mentality. 


In nature, nothing works hard to grow and thrive so it can then sit around doing nothing until it dies.  Yes, there is work in pushing thru the hard crust of the soil so that the leaves can unfold, or cracking out of the cocoon so that the butterly can soar, but this effort is not insurmountable.  The moment something is not growing in nature, it is in the process of ceasing to exist.  But in our world, so often retirement is the goal.  The concept of “working to death” is a very real experience.  We work hard to get “ahead” and then have enough saved up so that we can rest, rest from all the hard work and negativity we’ve lived thru to get to the end of our lives.  It’s not a creation cycle, it’s a misuse of our energy.  Mired by these false perceptions, of course we can’t create what we want!  Our awareness is on what we don’t have, not what we can create.  We see only what is right before us and struggle instead of using our innate powers steadily creating life along the way.  We feel the lack and overwhelm because we're concentrating on the negativity and we're not yet fully aware of our own powerful resources.  Clear away the negativity and learn what innate gifts you have, and you too will begin to know this life as an abundant and wonderful experience.  And in knowing even before we see, we simply magnetize that abundance to ourselves.


Q.  There are so many self-help programs out there, and everyone knows that most of the books and tapes purchased end up unopened.  And the seminars that seemed to inspire fade quickly amidst the pressures of our real life.  What does Living Harmony offer that other programs don’t?


A.  Living Harmony was created out of that very struggle, the struggle most of my clients experienced in trying to apply the things they learned at seminars or in books into their real lives without much success.  Their frustration and my desire to help them achieve what they asked me to help them create inspired me to look for the reasons why some people succeed so well in manifesting what they desire and others struggle without end.


Everything that works, works for a reason.  A formula, an equation.  That’s what Living Harmony is, that’s what Living Harmony offers:  the equation, the formula, the methodology that can be applied by everyone in any situation for maximum results.


Did you know that even the leaves on a tree, every tree, follow a mathematical formulation as to how and where they grow?  The reality is that things work or don’t work based on following structure, a recipe. 


One of the things I noticed when reviewing my client’s failures and especially the self-help materials they were working with was that often they were working with just one component of the whole recipe.  You simply can’t think yourself into abundance, it won’t happen and worse you’ll loose your home.  We live in a tangible world, therefore every manifestation requires a physical action.  Thinking, even the most positive thinking, is only one part of the entire formula.  And that doesn’t even address how impossible it is to monitor your thoughts to keep them positive 100% of the time. 


Just like a recipe, we can take the components of creation and combine them over and over again to get the same result.  Change the ingredients, the order or way they are combined and you may change the result.  But follow the original, basic recipe and you will always come out with the same result.


For those who are not gifted in some of the finer points of cooking, such as in baking pie crusts, we must note that one of the important ingredients in the recipe is an accurate technique.  There’s a certain “hand” that is required to mix together the ingredients to have the pie crust turn out fluffy and light.  The same applies in manifesting.  Learn the recipe, fine-tune your technique, and the world is at your service.  You simply can create whatever you desire.


The Living Harmony formula didn’t come to me in a dream or some other nebulous experience filled with inexplicable spiritual overtones.  It arose out of my own real-life struggles and those of my family, friends and original feng shui clients. 


The Living Harmony method is the answer to the painful outcry made by too many too often, “But HOW!!!?”


Q.  I've been using tools like EFT and oils forever, and nothing works for me! Why doesn't this stuff work for me?


A. It's one of the most frustrating challenges, I must admit. And my own mentors and masters are saints for having walked me thru it steadily, holding my hand through month after...oh, heck, year after year. When I was in severe, chronic pain we'd do daily EFT work and with some issues the challenge would just simply vanish, right then and there. I could see, feel, hear the changes and I knew, beyond a shadow, that they were real. It took longer for us to begin cracking the actual pain, but they weren’t having any of my dismay, they’d press on cheerfully no matter what our results. I would cry and whine and lament, and they would say “Okay Cathleen , so what can we clear today then?”


My own practice arose from those experiences and I can tell you that I needed the added leverage of my masters supportive heart and very high vibrational energy along with all the other supports I could get because I simply couldn't have done it on my own. It would have been like asking a bowl of water to turn into stew on it's own, can't be done (unless you're an avatar and that's another class! ;) We simply need other “ingredients” – so the essential oils and feng shui helped me maintain a higher vibrational frequency between sessions with my practitioners, and then their energy added to mine daily along with their sharp cognitive skills directing me thru the rocky waters, eventually because we were undaunted we got there.


So when we're not getting anywhere, there's simply two very clear reasons: 1) we're actually focused on the thing we don't want, that it's not working and so that's what we keep creating and 2) we're not consistently raising our vibrational frequency high enough to make the shift.

With my neck injury I had a motivator that was unstoppable: I was not willing to succumb to being paralyzed ever again, and definitely not for life. I'd have done anything and for as long as it took. But I knew I needed help, help to maintain my focus and to guide me thru where I couldn't see. So I was able to do the work, consistently until the job was done.


Q.  “Why use essential oils and just how do you use them with EFT?”


A. While I don't have to be a mechanic to drive a car, I still love to get behind the wheel and take off. The same is true for my energy work: I don't want to be a scientist, but I know the science behind using leverage to get more work done and I'm always eager to use my tools for greater, more effective and less challenging work. In physics we learn that the element that is most dedicated to its state will strongly influence anything else it comes in contact with, and can eventually tip the scales to actually convert other elements to become more like itself. Vibration ally, roses have the highest vibrational frequency of any flower on the face of the earth. It's no wonder that we give roses as a symbol of our high vibrational frequency feeling of love!

When we look at one of the basic laws of physics, Newton's Laws of Motion, we see that an object at rest tends to stay at rest unless an outside force greater than it's own is applied , while an object at motion tends to stay at motion. That means that if I add no other ingredient to my own life, my own situation, I simply will not move. By adding Rose essential oil, which has a higher vibrational frequency than my own stuck energy, I begin to simply shift my own vibrational frequency and thus my experience.


Once I had a client who was so incredibly depressed she couldn't even get herself to tap, let alone participate in classes. In fact, she was mostly just lying about in bed with the windows drawn. She got the Feelings Kit and began just “slapping oils on daily” without any thought or process, she just dripped a bit on each day. Within a few short weeks she realized that she had started dripping and then tapping, and pretty soon she was sitting up in bed, opening the curtains and then found herself really ready to do some focused work. She knew that simply by adding something to her body that was a higher vibration, she was able to begin shifting her experience.


Just keep in mind, we're talking about therapeutic-grade oils here – not the stuff you get at the beauty supply store or even the health food store. The oils must be made carefully maintaining their original vibrational frequency or you're not really doing yourself any good (and too, can have some pretty bad reactions if there are synthetic extenders or other ingredients so be careful.) Since I only use Young Living oils, I only speak to their effectiveness. You can see what I use and suggest either by clicking here or click on the many articles posted on this site.


To use the oils with EFT, just apply whichever oil(s) you are drawn to for the subject you are working on at the time. Be careful to avoid the eye area, and read the safety information on each oil. My clients like to apply the oils over their hearts, on their 3 rd eye chakras, their temples and their feet just to name a few places. Again, you can't go wrong. I like to apply oils first, giving myself a few moments to let my vibration begin shifting, to inhale the aromas which help create wellbeing and to give time for the oils to begin circulating around my body. Then I go right into my EFT. I use the oils throughout my day, upon arising to help me begin the day with joy and clarity, and then at various times as I feel I need them. With a little experience you'll get comfortable relying on your own intuition to draw you to the perfect choices for you.


Q. “I have no idea what to say when I do EFT, how do I learn to do it like you did?


A. There's no wrong way to do EFT, and in fact the basic recipe is quite effective. To learn the basic recipe check out the EFT Basic Tutorial with Demo Page or download the manual. The thing to remember is to be persistent and keep trying different words, combinations and emotional themes until you do feel that shift. It may take time but you can chip away at the layers of your issue very steadily on your own, and eventually get to the core which you can also clear away using the basic formula.


In fact, I suggest everyone do this simple round to get started:


*Even though I have no idea how to do EFT, I'm afraid I'll say the wrong thing or I won't say the right thing at all and I'll never be able to make the changes I want and need, I choose to love accept and forgive myself anyway and I trust that with time the right words will come to me.”


Do that three times while rubbing your Sore Point and then use “I trust myself” as your reminder phrase.


The methods I used with my clients and in the classes I teach are a combination of advanced EFT methods, techniques I've learned from working masters myself and in classes and my own special insights that have been developed over time in my personal work and work with clients. It has taken me years and countless classes, courses and sessions to learn some of these techniques but it's been more than worth it.  And yet, no matter how much I learn and train, my ultimate goal is to be pleased with my results, not to avoid having to rely on someone else’s help.  It’s true that I can move mountains, so to speak, but I’ve long since cleared the ego-based need and fear that I must do this all on my own which is a very helpful place to be because now I simply attract and use whatever resources I need, knowing that I have everything I need now and as I need it.


The more advanced techniques combined with these insights offer my clients and students a more elegant and quickly effective way to clear through the various layers and connections of their challenges, which helps us to blast away blocks and make for quicker, more effective changes.


Q. “Do I need to work with a practitioner? I thought I could do this all on my own.”


A. At first many people who take classes like this one are so excited they decide they need to learn all they can too. And a lot of my new clients end up buying all sorts of books and CD's. But the truth is that mostly we just want to clear our issues and create the lives we want.  It's just like driving a car:  most of us don't actually want to become mechanics, just be knowledgable enough to make our driving experience satisfactory. So while the resources are there and we highlight them, take a moment to think about what your end goal is and determine what the best use of your time and money are. One way to decide is to begin working on your own and monitor your results.  You'll know whether or not you are experiencing what you really want, and if you are then terrific.  If not, or if you only get partial results, you may need other support. 


The truth is that only you can decide which option or combination is best for you. One terrific way to decide is to look at your results. If you are one of the minority who adores reading self-help books and can easily put them into practice then keep your momentum going! Get the CD's and books and enjoy your work.


But if you look at your life and don't like your current results, and you've got a stack of books that never seemed to work for you or make sense, then you most probably have your answer.

Q.  I don’t have a lot of money to spend - especially right now.  I'm really worried and I feel I’ve wasted so much on self-help, personal growth and all the rest of it without really getting anywhere.  Shouldn't I just reread what I have and keep working on myself without spending any more? 

The real question here isn't "should I spend more?" but rather, "can I afford to keep doing the same thing over and over with no tangible results?"  or worse, "can I afford to do nothing more and just live with the results I already have?" 


And the answer is, how can you afford not to clear your blocks and create abundance and harmony in your life for real!  You don't have to keep creating from lack, or what I call the Victim Vibration.  Starting right now, simply by identifying what it is that you actually DO want, you have already begun to shift your vibration.  You might want to stop reading for a moment and jot down what it is that you really want to be true, such as: 


*I have all the resources I need to get the support I want AND I'm finally creating what I want now

*All the resources I need and want are coming to me now AND I am finally "getting it"

*The things I need to learn and understand come to me in ways I can easily afford


One challenge most people have, and I admit I had too, is the fact that they have financial challenges...right now.  Money is tight, we’re uncertain about the future, we are worried about spending anything we don’t have to, and besides, coaching and energy work are not covered by insurance or employers.  Plus, while it may be really enticing, we all know the truth is that you can't just sit on your couch and dream up your income.  We live in a tangible world and it requires tangible input - meaning, your mortgage lender won't care that you are using the Law of Attraction, they want their monthly check! 


It does seem a cheaper option to just get CD's and books and learn yourself.  But we know that more than 90% of the self-help books and CD programs purchased don't really get used fully.  It doesn't make sense really, but we blame busy schedules and lots of other things for why we don't really make the shifts we want.  The truth is the reason why most self-help materials can't help is that we're too blocked to access the information on our own, so we eventually give up.  It's like setting a gas can next to the car instead of pouring the gas in:  the components are there, but without the intervention of someone putting the gas in, the car will never be able to run. 


Newton's Laws of Physics of course explains properly why we need outside support to change, for an object at rest requires an outside force equal to or greater than the resistence the object is experiencing for it to move, and a continuing application of that force to create momentum.  It's that simple.  In order to generate the thrust we need to get ourselves moving, shift our direction, keep us steady and increase our momentum toward our desired intention - and open ourselves to accept that intention into our lives - we need to add something to the mix.  A self-help program may be enough if we're not too blocked in the area we're working on, but if we don't realize the changes and results we desire instead of putting our dreams on a shelf, we need understand only that we need some additional outside force and realization of our intentions will be easier to realize.


In the end which is more cost-effective? Which is cheaper? To spend a few hundred or even $1000 on a series of sessions, booked over time and with a highly-skilled practitioner, or to spend that same $1000 spread over time taking courses and buying CD's and books that continually leave you asking more questions and not really producing what you want?  For most of us, we've wasted more money than that on trying to get fit, fix our relationships and find our most fulfilling work.


And still we're overweight, unhappy and alone, doing work that doesn't fuel our soul. 

Working with a skilled practitioner is simply not only the most effective, but also the most cost-effective way to create real, lasting and tangible change.  No matter what issue you work on, almost every client reports positive shifts in not only the specific area they chose to work on, but seemingly magically their finances as well. 


A client works on their marriage and suddenly they begin drawing bigger and better commissions because their energy is not only more positive, but without their personal pain draining their resources, they become better employees. 


A client clears away money and lack beliefs and though they keep the same job, suddenly they are attracting abundance in new ways like unexpected discounts or gifts.


The more clear we are, the more our vibrational frequency rises making us magnetically attractive to abundance in every area of our lives.


Additionally, as we become more clear and learn how to manage our energetic resources, we can begin to separate ourselves from the global crisis and lack mentality and instead, learn to create our own abundance not in spite of what’s going on around us, but in harmony with and as a result of it.  In truth, we have all that we need, as long as we are open to receiving it in our present reality. 


Einstein said we simply can't resolve our current problems with our current level of thinking, we simply MUST add something new, change something if we ever hope to find solutions. So the only thing to remember is to be persistent and don't keep doing the same old thing that isn't working.

The power of joining our energy and intentions with the support of a skilled energy practitioner is an amazing leverage that can support us in creating change faster, easier and better than we can on our own.  And often, helps us create change in areas we never could before. 


Q.  I’ve read several books that state all I have to do is think properly or feel my intentions as if they were already here, and after all the hard work I’ve put into my life that hasn’t really paid off, I’m wondering if I’ve been wrong all along and it’s true that all I have to do is envision and feel my new reality and it will come?


A.  Oh how I wish that wishing made it true, not just for myself in my own personal life, but for my many clients who have spent years living in such heartache or even the dull, draining daily existence of not being fully abundant.  It would be a phenomenal transformation if we only had to change our thinking and our dream life could arrive with the morning paper.  What wonders could we create if only thinking made it so?  And how many of us would work hard to learn visualization or how to feel things into reality if that was the guaranteed method to finally create successfully.


Well, we keep asking but we also keep getting the same answers smacked in our faces:  thinking and feeling positively just aren’t enough.  Our bookstores and our own personal bookshelves are lined with volumes all dedicated to these themes, so if they worked we would have long since known it.  The challenge is that these are just a few of the components that go into creation.  It’s much sexier and more marketable to find a single hook, generate enthusiasm and then launch a best-seller.


But we need only look at our recreationally medicated population to make the decision.  If thinking fun, good thoughts and feeling positive feelings were all we needed to manifest abundance, then potheads and happy drunks should all be living in mansions, dating supermodels and raking in the dough.  We can artificially create a sense of warmth and positive thoughts, but we don’t wake up after a night of “letting loose” to find we’ve won the life of our dreams.  No, instead, we tend to awake realizing the negative thoughts and feelings we had are still there, perhaps stronger than before.


And all the available information can be so confusing.  One client told me she would love to be a married but she just couldn't seem to get her vibration to match that of being a wife.  She thought that in order to BE in a loving and romantic relationship she had to BE in a loving and romantic relationship.  The materials she had read and the courses she had taken had told her if she wasn't feeling like she was already in a relationship she would never get there.  Well, she had her answer.  Except it was based on a bit of a misunderstanding. 


Harmony, while having a perfection to it, is not two of the exact same notes.  If it were, there would be no depth to the music, right?  Harmony is the combination of two compatible, complimentary notes!  While there is a perfection in harmony, it is not perfection itself.  It's not an exact mirror image that we're after, but rather a reflectively complimentary state.  The moment we are aware that we are not what we need to be in order to have what we want to have, then we are creating the vibrational frequency of not having it.  It's really simple and yet terribly frustrating until you not only understand the concepts but clear away all the stuck energy holding you to your former vibrational state.  Only then can you become a harmonic match to that which you wish to create and live. 


The reality is that success follows a formula, a recipe.  And for a recipe to be successful it has to be able to produce reliable results.  Living Harmony offers clients a reliable, proven, easily applicable and understandable formula that not only works, but often explains the reasons why things haven’t worked out before.  Understanding and a sense of control that comes from knowing just how and what to do not only results in success, but provides a sense of peaceful relief from the victim and failure feelings so often the consequence of using our energetic resources ineffectively. 

When we finally understand how each aspect coordinates within the whole so that we are able to consistently manifest successfully in our lives, our reality becomes just as magically easy as the books claim and even better, creating becomes blissfully joyful in Living Harmony!


© 2012, Cathleen Campbell, Living Harmony.  All rights reserved.



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