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Are you struggling with a challenge – be it business or life – and unable to figure out what keeps you stuck?  All the ad copy in the world doesn’t help when you’re overwhelmed and unable to figure out where to start let alone what techniques or methods to use. 


Most web sites provide a list of attributes that make for an ideal client.  My work is about providing my clients proven, effective, flexible tools and technologies they can tailor and use effectively on their own, as they need to intentionally master the creation process rather than a forced program that may work for one but will only result frustration for someone else.  So how do you know if this kind of work is for you, or if I'm the right one to teach you?  Hopefully if you've read my site, you'll know that I bring to all my clients the valuable insights from having been in the trenches, hung in there, learned the insights and made it out through to the other side of the difficult challenge.  All good information, but how does this all apply to your situation, your life, your company and dream?  Learning about someone else’s challenge or success can help make things crystal clear.


The following mini-profiles are taken from real-life client stories and cover just a few topics of interest.  People and organizations just like those featured here have used the Living Harmony techniques, services and products to get unstuck, create lasting change and earn exponentially increased profits.  In fact, you can read some real life results from client testimonials and client success stories posted throughout the site.  Maybe you’ll see your own story amongst these, or they might give you just the insights you need to help you create your own forward movement.  





Bob is a small business owner.  He’s been working his business for a few years now, has had some steady business, is basically able to pay the bills but knows that he’s tired of trading hours for dollars.  He thought by now it would be smooth sailing, instead he’s got to constantly row the boat to keep afloat.  He’s not interested in hiring a full-time marketing executive, preferring to rely on his staff to do marketing basics, but he knows he’s going to have to get an edge to create real urgency with his clients.  He’s eager to spend a little to make a lot more; and now that he’s familiar with his business and all the opportunities and challenges, he’s anxious to have someone take all the data and put together a road map for the future which will help he and his staff make the most of the journey. 


He’s not so touchy feely with the emotional stuff, but he understands that even the most sturdy of us are affected by our emotions and he wants to clear himself of any negative thoughts and emotions so he can enjoy his daily life, but even more to clear the way to bigger profits.  He’s interested in learning new energy management techniques as well as best business practices in management, marketing, advertising, public relations and sales to support attracting and growing profits.  He starts with himself first and the creation of a strong branding program for his business, and then quickly moves into staff training and development.  After the initial program he’ll maintain a regular program as an ongoing support until his business grows large enough for him to acquire his own in-house marketing and sales management team, at which point he’ll continue training to maintain energetic momentum and successfully incorporate new staff along the way, continually magnetizing profits and abundance to himself, his firm and his clients.  Bob’s vision and dedication, incorporating energy tools along with best business practices ensures that he’ll not only be able to master any rough seas ahead, and too enjoy some of that smooth sailing too.



Sue has just decided to start her own business.  She’s really great at what she does and has often been encouraged to go out on her own to do what she does best.  Unfortunately for Sue, she’s learned after-the-fact that while she knows what she does best, she’s not equipped to handle some of the regular tasks required to start, build and grow a business.  She’s purchased educational materials and taken a few courses, but instead of clearing things up, she feels more and more overwhelmed.  After an exciting start with referred clients she didn’t have to sell, Sue’s now facing another week of no booked clients and no new sales.  She put together a web site herself, but since branding and marketing aren’t her specialty the site looks neat but isn’t at all compelling.  She doesn’t know how to write a newsletter that sells, and she’s had more than one person ask to be removed from her list.  Instead of doing what she does best, she’s finding herself engulfed in emotions and thoughts of failure. 


Still, Sue knows she’s a smart business person and realizes that for a ship to run well, the captain can’t do everything.  She wants to create the proper business management, marketing and sales tools she needs but she doesn’t ever envision hiring those functions out.  She needs quick assistance supporting the attraction of new clients and how to keep the ones she already has.  Sue sees the need for working with someone on a very targeted basis, perhaps for a few months at a time to first get her confidence back, then create branding she needs, her toolkit, so she can get down to the business of running and growing her business.  Then, as she needs over time, she’ll access support again for specific projects or when she faces a new challenge.  Sue wants her work to be a day at the beach, and she’s ready to swim out of the engulfing feelings and overwhelm to the bright, sunny days ahead.





Jennifer is a firecracker.  She’s young, enthusiastic and well educated.  Having successfully won a dream job at a top company, she’s a bit lost at sea.  Gone are the days of junior executive training.  But she knows that just learning techniques will not help her navigate through both her own company and her new industry.  She needs to know how and be able to manage all her emotions and thoughts right now and then more importantly on the spot so she can keep a cool head and do what she was trained to do. 

She knows from her own sports training that to get good, to be successful, and to stay on track, the best use coaches.  Though her salary isn’t huge, she sees the need for investing in herself now so she can reap the rewards of her hard work rather than having to pay to fix costly mistakes later.  So she dives right in and schedules regular support to help her clear out the anxieties and fears she has, and help her build confidence and strength that comes from being able to apply what she knows properly.  Everyone expects her to sink or swim.  She plans to win gold. 



Ted’s a terrific salesperson.  He’s been with his company for almost twenty years now and has seen both his own industry change and the economy do all sorts of back flips and nosedives.  He realized recently that he’s put a good percentage of his life into his work, he’s not interested in change but he knows that the competition is stiffer than ever before.  He’s beginning to worry he won’t be able to keep his chin above water as new salespeople younger and more enthusiastic than he enter the workforce.  In recent years with all the new technology, he’s felt he was just barely treading in place.  Ted realizes that he’s built up some strong resentments and disappointments and he’s begun to notice that his negative emotions are actually impacting his clients.  He was taken by surprise when a new “kid” was given one of his lesser-producing accounts to manage and within a few months had built up some really good sales. 


Before Ted’s numbers start to slip he wants to clear up his fears and anxieties.  And after a few sessions Ted realizes that sales is a relationship process.  The relationships Ted has built over almost two decades are invaluable resources, irreplaceable by anything as simple as youthful eagerness.  Ted decides not just to help himself clear out his emotions, but has realized he still holds his original dream of being an outstanding salesperson.  He revises his goals and begins to learn the strokes necessary to row to victory.  His weekly sessions help him stay on target, clear the sails and maintain his triumphant course.





Jamie is a wonderful woman.  Wife, mother and best friend, she’s always there for everyone else.  She’s just had her third child and she is enjoying everything about being a Mom except...except that she feels fat and flabby and tired all the time.  She “knows” that this is the price you pay for having kids, after all being a Mother is no day at the beach!  But she sees all these images of the celebrities who have had kids and still look great and she wonders why she can’t be that thin?  She is chasing these kids around all day and always on the go, surely she gets more activity in than some celebrity?  She’s already done all she can to eat healthy and stay active, she gets plenty of sleep and had a positive annual checkup. 


After putting all the outer components in place and still not successfully getting fit, she decides to clear away all the emotional and mental chatter that is keeping her unhappy and possibly unfit.  As she releases her fears and false ideas, she suddenly finds her body responding in new and wonderful ways.  After a summer of covering up, Jamie is ready to uncover what lies beneath...and release whatever keeps her unfit, because she’s not going to spend another summer under a tent!



George wants to love and be loved, but finding a good woman is like looking for a contact lens at the bottom of an endless ocean.  He’s looked and looked but nobody seems to be ship-shape.  He goes out on dates and even enjoys a few short romances, but he can never seem to find anyone who peaks and holds his interest, and after his last long-term relationship ended so badly he’s not willing to just dive in headfirst only to be surprised with more heartache.  Still, he’s been ready to settle down for a few years now, and as time wears on he’s growing more and more disheartened.  Did he wait too long?  Is he just not marriage material?  After getting his head chewed off for “never wanting to commit” he’s just about to give up.  But maybe it’s not too late?  George is very attractive and kind, he’s done fairly well in his career and he usually gets things pretty quickly. 


He realizes that he’s missing something and decides he’s not going to give up until he knows the missing element.  The more clear he becomes, the more astounded he is at how it’s getting easier and easier for him to feel more genuinely connected, something he’s missed except with only his closest friends.  Maybe it’s not that he’s just meeting the wrong kind of girl, maybe he’s gotten some wires crossed somewhere and he’s ready to learn how to turn on his inner radar and steer to his hopefully ideal mate. 



Beth’s been on more dates than she can count on a calculator.  Everyone else thinks she’s vivacious and fun-loving, she feels like she’s sinking beneath the surface, she doesn’t even want to go on another date.  With her career getting busier and busier she turned to internet dating to attract “the one” and instead has suffered a long line of wannabes who claim to be something they’re not, leave her in the dark without explanation and outright lie.  She’s accepted set-ups by friends but they too turn out to be less than successful.  With all the painful disappointments and confusion, now she’s addicted to calling faceless psychics, asking the same questions over and over, wasting her precious time and money only to be disappointed when their predictions come true often enough but not in the ways she wants.  Yet she keeps calling and they keep telling her she’s “special” and “this is the one” and she so desperately wants to believe them.


She’s finding herself thinking the thoughts she told herself she would never think, that perhaps she will just never find anyone to really love her and she’ll end up alone like her silly old Aunt Martha who had strange collections of things and always sme1lled just a little like liquor.  Well, maybe she will have to go it alone or not, but she’s decided that alone or with that special someone she’s unwilling to be filled up with anger and sadness, she’s going to learn to cruise through life with the joy and pleasure she’s been noted as having all along.



Tom has been working hard for years, not really going wild but not saving for his rainy day either.  Lately he’s been feeling the undertow of mounting expenses and a slowing economy pulling him under.  He always thought he’d sort of hit it big and ride the wave home to financial prosperity, but as he enters his tenth year of business, he’s begun to realize that if he is going to become financially stable he’s going to have to learn to live with reality, including how to manage the money and the expenses he has now instead of waiting for that day that may not come. 


As he begins to read books about finances rather than feeling better about things, he’s overcome with a wave of anxiety and fear because he realizes how far behind schedule he is.  Will he ever be able to pay off his bills and save?  Or will he be just like the rest of his friends and family, living on credit and borrowed time?  After reading about yet more millionaires next door, Tom decides his emotions have been driving him instead of his intellect, and it’s time to get control, clear them out and make his hard work pay off in increasing financial security.  It’s not the best time to learn to swim when you’re drowning, but after a few big gulps, he’s motivated and pretty soon he finds that swimming even in rough waters is much more effective and fun.


Remember, no one can absolutely guarantee your success.  We can teach you the tools and technologies, help you learn how to apply them, guide you through honing your own skills, but ultimately your success depends on you and the choices you make during and after working with any coach, technology, method or plan.  That being said, the truth is that we all do have it in our grasp to better our lives, no matter what our circumstances.  Learning about Universal Creation Laws and energy mangement technlogies and then applying them consistently has helped countless people increase their wellbeing in all areas of life and help them enjoy a better quality of life even with the current challenge or the as yet unrealized goal. 



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